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This is not a blog post with a 1, 2, 3 on how to be more naturally beautiful. Not in the traditional sense that many blog posts do, that is, as we all search for the secret anti-aging formula to turn back time. This post is about how I am using my natural beauty company to give back to my community and to help empower and showcase the inner beauty and tenacity of many incredible women who need a helping hand to get back on their feet after domestic abuse, family or health issues.  


I had the pleasure of being introduced to a local charity a few years ago called Home Suite Hope, in the Halton Region of Ontario, which helps to end the cycle of poverty for single mothers with children.  I first became involved as a Board Member, after feeling for years that I wanted to give back to my community and try my hand as a board member in a not for profit organization.  That was back in 2014 and it has been an incredible three years of learning about the struggles, traumas, challenges and daily fights that many single mothers face when fighting against poverty and trying to raise a family.  Talk about tenacity and perseverance and finding inner strength. 


These women must undergo a very thorough screening process in order to qualify and be eligible to enter the program that Home Suite Hope offers, which is a wrap around solution for the entire family offering housing, college education for the mothers through Sheridan College, counselling, and so much more.  The success stories are abounding and astonishing. From sleeping in your car or living in a shelter to home ownership, a college diploma and a career. 


Many times when I tell people about my "natural beauty" business it may sound superficial and frivolous. Aside from the fact that the global natural beauty industry is expected to be a $22 billion industry by 2024, I also believe we can, and do already, generate a lot of goodness and paying forward to help causes that empower women to be the best they can be.  We are not just all out there making natural deodorant and luxurious facial serums to fight wrinkles! 


So here's a different kind of 1, 2, 3 for finding natural beauty:

1. Take a moment to check out Home Suite Hope and the good work the organization is doing. You will love the amazing success stories and the new perspective you get. 

2. Pause a moment to think about how you too can make a difference in your community either personally or through your professional connections.  

3. Many women judge and criticize other women at first sight, rather than boosting each other up! Next time you find yourself doing that in the grocery store, in the mall, or at work - stop for a moment and ask yourself what their story may be. Did they escape abuse? Are they homeless and hiding it? Are they struggling to feed their children every day? What is their story and how can you help them be better?


We are proud to share that a portion of all Clean Kiss Organics sales goes to help fight and end poverty and homelessness in Halton Region, through Home Suite Hope. Every little bit counts. 


Now that you've read this blog, want to know more about Clean Kiss Organics?

We create 100% Natural and Organic, Canadian artisan handcrafted products that are simple and pure for your body, face, hair and home. Our specialty is anti-aging premium skincare, all natural deodorant, and products for curly hair.  

We are 100% Vegan, GMO free, Gluten Free (and free of all unnecessary garbage!) and Leaping Bunny Certified (meaning we never test on animals and neither do our suppliers).  We also proudly give a portion of our sales to help homeless women and their children to get back on track with housing, education, and financial support. 

Check us out! 

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Home Suite Hope January 25, 2017

Thank you Jodie for your most generous support.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for inviting your Clean Kiss Organics clients and friends to be a part of the solution for single parent mums. We take great pride in having you and Clean Kiss Organics as a change partner.

Michelle Pommells
Home Suite Hope

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