How are your products made?

Our products are made in small batches with love and passion. We base our products on safe and natural materials that we would like to use on our own bodies and our family's. We make our products in small batches to maintain our high quality standards and guaranteed freshness. You will never have to worry that our products have been sitting on retail shelves for many months. We make fresh batches of our natural products and deliver straight to your door. 


Where do you get your raw ingredients?

We source our ethical, sustainable ingredients from reputable local Canadian suppliers who share our values for organic, natural and high quality raw ingredients. The raw ingredients originate from all around the world ~ Italy, Morocco, Africa, Spain, and more.  The therapeutic grade essential oils used are from quality controlled suppliers which are subjected to strict requirements of quality protocol which ensures potency, purity, and consistency batch to batch.


Are your products all natural and/or organic?

Our products are made using either 100% natural and/or organic ingredients. 


Are your products all plant-based, vegan, and against animal cruelty?

Yes! Our products are 100% vegan meaning we do not use any animal products in our products. We are proudly Leaping Bunny Certified as a brand that is against animal cruelty. 


Do you plan to make your jar deodorant into a stick?

We do not have any plans at this time to make a stick because it is more hygienic in jar format to use a clean finger on a clean underarm. Often times a stick deodorant is less effective because they are softer in texture, therefore not as potent odour-fighting, and hence require re-application that introduces bacteria into the underarm and creates body odour (in a vicious little never-ending cycle :). We have great loyalty from our Clean Kiss customers who use the jar with a finger application and are very happy with the results.  Plus you get to show yourself some self-love with a little massage while you apply. 


Are your products safe for children and/or pregnant women?

Yes! Our products are safe for children and for use during pregnancy but we still strongly advise that you check with your physician to ensure that use of our products is safe for your children and/or yourself during pregnancy specifically if they/you have any specific skin or medical issues. 


Why do you use essential oils?

We use therapeutic grade essential oils in all of our products, except our "Simple Kisses" Collection which is unscented for sensitive skin & noses. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They provide you with a pure experience that is healthy for your body and your mind. By using essential oils we feel confident that we are not using synthetic fragrances that are full of harmful ingredients and known side effects to your health.

*We are not qualified medical practitioners to make health statements so please see your physician for medical advice. We also suggest you check with your physician before using our products if pregnant, or suffering from any specific skin or medical issue. 


How do you test your products?

We are Leaping Bunny Certified which means we test our products only on willing and eager humans who love natural products! We are never short on finding product testers willing to try something out and give us their feedback on what works or what could use improvement. We never test on furry or feathered friends. 


Does Clean Kiss offer a recycling program for containers?

We believe in doing our part to sustain our environment and our earth. This is why we have a Recycling program that will allow our customers in Halton Region to drop off their used Clean Kiss Lifestyle containers to our partner, The Massage Clinic Health Centres (Unit 7, 575 River Glen Boulevard in Oakville). For every container you return, you will receive a 10% discount card to save on your next order with us! We are expanding this in the near future so stay tuned for more!


Does Clean Kiss offer any bulk refills/zero waste product options?

Yes, we sure do! Find out Where to Buy to get refills on your favourite Clean Kiss products in bulk. Read more about the ways we are trying every day to be more sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious and you can take part too. 


Does Clean Kiss support any charitable or social causes?

Yes we believe strongly in giving back to causes that align with our values!  We support charitable causes that promote health and wellness such as Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for Cancer Support, Fitness for Mental Health, and other causes for brain health, mental health and various health initiatives. 


Where can I buy your products?

Right here online is a quick and easy way, with our free shipping offer if you spend over $50, to anywhere in Canada. We will ship to the United States, South America, Asia and to Europe for a nominal shipping charge.

We cannot ship to a P.O. Box. 

Alternatively, we have several great partners that sell our products in their spas, wellness centres, and stores. Please visit our Where To Buy to see the full list.


Do I need to have a PayPal Account to make a purchase on your site?

No. You can use your PayPal Account if you have one, but you can also check out without an account and simply enter your payment information when prompted. Your payment information is never retained by us so you will need to re-enter each time you checkout. 


Can I resell your products in my health centre/retail store and/or buy in bulk to use in my business?

Yes! Visit Become a Retailer and send us your information request to get started!


How can I learn more about Clean Kiss?

Watch our videos on our YouTube channel where I talk about therapeutic grade essential oils and the all natural ingredients in my products that keep you healthy and gorgeous.

Or you can email us your questions at