4-Part Mini Video Series

Get Glowing Over 40

GET GLOWING! Get the skin you've always wanted.


Glowing Skin Tips for Women Over 40 

4-Part Mini Video Series

Being a woman in midlife is confusing and frustrating. What worked for you in your 20s or 30s isn’t working now. If only you knew some simple tips to get back to YOU, find your glow, your confidence and your healthiest skin ever. This is where I will help you with my 4-part mini video series to be truly happy, confident and find the freedom to be YOU (or even better) in midlife.

1. Pro-Aging Mindset 

Science has taught us that what we believe and the words we tell ourselves everyday manifests in our body. If you tell yourself you’re old, you will feel old. If you tell yourself you’re unattractive, you will feel unattractive. Get ready to hit reset on your mindset to embrace a NEW YOU and get glowing.

2. Body Intuition

When you get stuck listening to everyone else but your own body, you end up miserable and feeling like a failure. How about learning to listen to your own intuition instead? One day you will want a salad and gentle yoga, the next you may crave a hard workout and a pasta dinner. That's ok. Get ready to learn how to listen to that smart body of yours. 

3. Skin Care

Caring for your skin isn’t vain. Wanting to look great in midlife isn’t vain. Using incredible skincare products that make you feel healthy, glowing and confident isn’t about vanity. It is called self-care. Learn what clean and toxin-free skincare to choose for your skin, and simple tips to care for that glowing skin of yours. 

4. Nutrition for Skin

The skin is a mirror to what’s going on inside your body. Challenges such as acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, brittle nails, and dry skin are often signs of gut health issues. Learn and understand the science of nutrition and what foods feed your skin the vital nutrients it needs to look healthy and glowing.


Get the skin you've always wanted.


At Clean Kiss, we believe in pro-aging, not anti-aging. Our mission is to help you find radical acceptance as you step into your power as a woman in your forties. As such, we focus specifically on creating skincare products that promote healthy, beautiful mature skin for women like you.

Our skincare products are created with only clean, plant-based ingredients such as botanicals, oils, butters, and essential oils that activate with your skin to give you a healthy nourished complexion. Being a woman in midlife is a time of celebration and freedom as you get to finally focus on yourself! Interestingly it can also be a time of despair as you struggle with the changes that midlife brings to your skin, body and hair.  Get ready to embrace your pro-aging beauty and power through natural skincare products that celebrate this incredible time of your life!


It’s confusing being a woman over 40. You simply want to know what to eat, what to put on your skin, and how to have inside-out health for a glowing pro-aging lifestyle. Get my Glowing Skin Tips for Women Over 40 with this FREE “Get Glowing Over 40” 4-in-4 mini video series.