These gift sets are the best sellers among our natural skincare products, nicely bundled up in gift sets or gift baskets for easy gift giving this holiday season.

Gift Sets

Beautiful Body Bundle Clean Kiss natural deodorant and body butterBeautiful Body Bundle ~ Deodorant + Body Butter Set
Bundle up your favourite natural body collection combining all natural deodorant (60g) + coordinating body butter (240g) for an...
Want us to curate a custom skincare gift set for your loved one? Sure thing.  Select your dollar...
Our most popular natural deodorants in a trio set so you can try them all! Makes a great...
Face Care Essential Morning Set - 3-Piece Set
Our morning three-piece Essential Premium Face Set comes beautifully together in a cotton travel bag to start your day off right, each...
Face Care Essential Night Time Set - 2-Piece Set
Our night time two-piece Essential Premium Face Set comes beautifully together in a hemp cotton bag to calm, cleanse and replenish your skin...
Skincare Essentials ~ 5-Piece Face & Body Mini Travel Set
Now you can buy our most popular natural face and body care in mini TSA-Approved travel sizes 15g each! Great...
$40.00 $36.00
$110.00 $102.00
$72.00 $67.00
$53.00 $45.00