Exfoliate and detox your face gently with all natural skincare products and clean ingredients designed to slough away the top layer of dead, dry skin cells that are causing your complexion to look dry and dull.

Face Exfoliate

Face & Lip Scrub - "Sweet Sugar Kisses" Lemon Sugar Scrub 100g
If you're a fan of freshly-baked lemon meringue pie, or any lemon treat, then you are in for...
Detoxing purifying clay face mask bentonite clay kaolin clay oatmeal vitamin c green teaDetox Face Mask - "Pure Kisses" Clay Face Mask
Our facial skin needs a good detox, just like the rest of our organs from time to time....
This NEW "Kisses by the Sea" Sea Algae Face Scrub gives your skin the perfect yet gentle, exfoliation...