How to Use Your Passion to Fuel Your Life

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I am a passionate person by nature. Perhaps its my Eastern European blood?! I get easily "worked up" when a conversation arises that I feel strongly about, so much so that I really need to have an awful lot of self awareness that sometimes my audience isn't ready for me.  However, I also use my passion to fuel my life and all of my hobbies and endeavours.  It is why my husband has to constantly remind me to not take on anything else, as I am always so inclined to do.  My attitude is this. I have energy and passion and want to sink my teeth into my ideas and hobbies while I can.  There will definitely come a day, I presume, that I will no longer have the energy I do today and I will need to modify my lifestyle. So for now, I am full steam ahead!


I am a firm believer that if you follow your passion, success will follow. Whatever that success looks like. My passions have also certainly changed over time. What drives me today is not what got me out of bed ten years ago except for the common denominator of my family, health and happiness. These are the values and basis of all my life decisions and business ventures. 


My passion really started bubbling out of control about three years ago when I started my all natural artisan handcrafted natural beauty company by happenstance after my passion for using "clean" natural personal care products led me down this path.  Once I got into it, I felt strongly that I was onto something really good that could change lives. I have always had a career in business but felt I lacked the passion that aligned with my personal values when I worked for big corporations.  I worked in manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (not for a healthy food manufacturer unfortunately!), big telecom, and others but it never aligned with my passion and values until I left to pursue my own entrepreneurial passions.  


Speaking of passion ~ Another passion of mine is food and travel. I was presented a few months ago with what I deem to be the trip of a lifetime to visit Northern India.  I am going with my yoga studio in November to follow my passion and love for yoga, travel, food, meditation and adventure. I am going with twelve other passionate yogis that I have only met a couple times for a brief time. I can't wait to see what adventures and life experiences are in store for me over the two weeks.  I actually get teared up when I think of it and see the love and support that my husband and daughters are showing me to go and pursue my dream.  I also hope to do some exotic ingredient sourcing while I am there (side note:  Indian sandalwood is one of my all time favourite essential oils. I just love the mysterious, sensuality of this oil and have to note how incredible it is for your skin).    


I suppose the question you may be asking is how to find and follow your own passion? Or if you've already identified your passion how do you take that next step to make your dream a reality.  The best advice I have share is to make a plan to execute your dream in small baby steps and to do it while you have a reliable source of income to live off of.  There is nothing worse than diving off the cliff without a plan. I would also suggest you enlist a support network to bounce ideas off of and to help you think clearly on your dark days when the path seems unclear. 


My deepest hope after reading this is that you are searching your soul to find your own passion or if you have already identified it then I hope you are making your plan for putting it to work.  The biggest shame in life is not following your dreams and not encouraging your children to do the same. 


Clean Kiss Organics' mission is Simple. Clean. Passion.  Enough said! 


Now that you've read this blog, want to know more about Clean Kiss Organics?

We create 100% Natural and Organic, Canadian artisan handcrafted products that are simple and pure for your body, face, hair and home. Our specialty is anti-aging premium skincare, all natural deodorant, and products for curly hair.  

We are 100% Vegan, GMO free, Gluten Free (and free of all unnecessary garbage!) and Leaping Bunny Certified (meaning we never test on animals and neither do our suppliers).  We also proudly give a portion of our sales to help homeless women and their children to get back on track with housing, education, and financial support. 

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