Tips from a Curly Haired Chick to Tame Your Curls

If you have naturally curly hair like mine, clearly with a mind of it's own 24/7, then you are probably also constantly searching for the holy grail of hair products to give you the curls you long for in your minds' eye.


That perfect curl. That perfect soft texture. Not too flyaway or frizzy. Not too heavy or weighed down but enough to keep the curls in check. Not too tight but just enough to hold the curl.  


Is this too much to ask for? Now in the last several years since I've become educated on chemicals and our body, I have added to this mix my quest for natural hair products that don't contain sulphates, parabens, silicones, fragrance, or any other chemicals that seap into my scalp, brain and bloodstream! 


As your hormones change and hair ages the texture changes too. When I was pregnant my hair went extremely thick, curly and unmanageable.  And then bam! The greys started to grow in a few years later once again changing my texture to be much more coarse and wiry.  I long for the days of loose carefree beach curls, but those are long gone and when that happens you need to just deal with it and make it work. 


What to eat for great hair:

Omega 3's from fish, flax, nuts and seeds, avocados, eggs and olive oil. These are some of my favourite foods that I love to incorporate into my diet on the daily but it also makes me feel great knowing that I am nourishing my hair, skin and nails too.  


What to use for great hair:

Getting great hair is definitely in part about eating a healthy diet but it is also a marriage of diet and the right products that will make a girl smile and know she is rocking her curls! 


My hair routine consists of multiple steps and I actually try to switch it up often to see what works best. When I happen to have that great hair day I also make point of writing down what I used exactly to achieve it.  


I get asked at least every week about my hair and what products I use.  So here you have it! My best natural hair combo consists of a hair oil to start with on damp towel dried hair, then I apply a curl cream (my fave is DevaCurl), followed by a hair gel for curls (my fave is Kinky Curly), and then finally I finish it with One'n'Only Argan Oil hair mousse for soft touchable curls.  


On Day 2 or 3, I just use my hair oil and my curling wand to reshape and twist my curls back into a nice formation.  I also love to switch up between wearing it up fully, half up, one side clipped back, in a loose curly bun, and so on. Work it baby! 


How to give special love to give your hair:

Treat your hair to a special mask treatment once or twice a week by using a plant based rich treatment mask or treatment oil to restore the natural oils that you are lacking.


Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar to rid your hair of product build up and to leave you with shiny tresses. And for goodness sake, DO NOT wash your hair daily. Curly hair should be able to go for at least 2-3 days with just a little product touch up, a quick use of the curling wand, and voila you are gorgeous again. 


At least once a week give it a break from styling products and heat irons/blowdryers that damage your hair.  Simply throw it up in a bun, or a braid with a little bit of mask treatment and a bit of hair oil.  Your hair will feel amazing and appreciate the break (no pun intended!) to restore itself.


Last but not least what I have learned is that curly hair is a special gift that not every chick can have or pull off.  I spent years straightening my hair and wanting it to be sleek like everyone else only to learn that I love the curls that God gave me and I look best in my natural state.  At least that's what all the men in my life tell me :) (thanks Daddy for my curls).

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