One Important Tip for Living and Eating Clean

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If it doesn't grow on a tree or from the earth, well....then you may want to think twice before you use it ON your body or put it IN your body. I'm not suggesting to go all out plant based or vegan (although if you are or do go that route I applaud you!), as even I try to eat plant based 80-90% of the time and it is incredibly hard to do. It's not even that I crave meat. Quite the opposite in fact but I do love fish and seafood. The issue is that I also try to follow a gluten free, dairy free, and low carb diet. So unless you are fortunate to find a great plant based restaurant to dine at, chances are great that you are only finding a lot of salads and beans everywhere you go as many restaurants do not yet offer many great plant based options. Let's hope that keeps changing. The challenge of eating healthy is real! 


Now there are many, many tips for eating and living clean that we could be sharing today but I didn't want to give you an exhaustive to do list to follow. Life is already overwhelming without so many "rules" to healthy living. Instead I wanted to give you a simple question you can ask yourself each time you are about to ingest something or apply something to your body. "Where did these ingredients come from?" "Are they plant based?" "Did someone grow these or were they manufactured?" or how about something as simple as "Can I pronounce these ingredients?". 


This same rule of thumb about it growing on a tree or from the earth should apply to your skincare and personal care products since 80-90% of what you put on your skin gets directly absorbed into your blood stream and other organs.   You may think you are buying a "natural" lavender body spray, but upon closer look at the ingredients list there is only lavender fragrance, which means it is artificial and definitely was not picked from a gorgeous lavender field in the south of France to create a natural lavender essential oil to scent the product. Another tell-tale sign is if you pick up a "natural" bar of soap that smells like blueberries and vanilla, chances are that they didn't squeeze fresh blueberries into the soap and therefore it was scented artificially using a chemical fragrance. Many companies nowadays are using what is known in the industry as "greenwashing" where they want you to think it is all natural by putting plants on the label and making it green, but it is no more a natural, green or organic beauty product than the bag of "potato" chips is a healthy plant based snack option.  


Baby steps are the key towards living a clean life. If you try to overhaul your entire life all at once you may not be able to sustain it and can drive yourself bonkers.  Just try to follow this one tip and you can't go wrong.  


Let us know what small changes you've tried to live a cleaner life through eating and using truly clean, green, natural products, and also if this tip works for you by posting your comments on our blog. 



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