How to Reverse Engineer Your Vision Statement and Create Personal Goals for 2019

It is now finally "spring forward" and we all know that the two biggest things that occupy most people's minds in the new year are creating personal goals for a healthier body and mind, and new years' goals and resolutions to accomplish something they wish to make happen this year. "This is the year I will take up running!"  or "This is the year I want to feel healthy and fantastic" or "I am finally going to take the risk and start that new business idea I came up with."


Take time me to stop and reflect on how you’re doing so far now that we are 60 days into the new year. Are you doing what you set out to do? If not, what has prevented you? Have your goals changed? If so then just set some new ones. No need to beat yourself up, feel like you have failed, or give up. That’s life. Pick up where you started or intended and make it happen. 


Personally, I always start every year with a note to myself, either handwritten and posted beside my computer or on my phone so I have it with me at all times, of what I want to achieve in the year ahead.   This year that list includes both personal (health, family, travel, etc.) and professional (how to grow my natural skincare business, what I want to accomplish and learn, etc.) goals.  Often we have the same or similar goals from year to year, we just get clearer on them as we get older and wiser. “Ok so I had way too many aspirational goals last year, so maybe this year I will set just three" and so on. I can tell you that as I get older my goals are more about happiness and quality time with family and friends, and less about finding mindless activities that keep me occupied. Life gets more precious as we get wiser. I personally have tried every year to simplify my life and "downsize" my to do list but instead make better quality goals that are more meaningful and intentional.


But how do you actually take that vision statement from a piece of paper and turn it into a reality? This is the hard part!!! It is all in our mindset.  The "how" will change from day to day but the "what" you want out of the year ahead and your life should be fairly consistent if you've done the proper soul searching.  Think of it like your personal GPS for life. The route may change ~ roadblocks, shutdowns, accidents, unforeseen pitstops ~ but the end destination remains the same.  


Here are three simple ways to make 2019 the year you make it happen. There is still plenty of time to make it happen!


1. Reverse Engineer Your Year:

The best way to make sure your vision statement and personal goals becomes a reality for this year and future years (let's say maybe for your three-year and five-year plan if you have one and if you don't then you should put this next on your "to do list"!) is to write down your accomplishments as though it is December 31st  and you are being retrospective at the year that just passed.  Look at all you accomplished and how you actually made it happen this year! This is called Reverse Engineering. Starting with the end in mind. 


2. Repeat after me. I Am a Visionary:

Research shows that when we use that visioning mindset and we can actually envision what the world will be like when we accomplish our goal, we are more likely to make it happen. Why do you think vision boards and visioning exercises have become so popular? If you don't yet have one, look it up on Pinterest to see how to create yourself one. It is very fun and inspiring! I have mine beside my desk so that I see it every time I sit down to work. 


3. Tell the world:

Ok maybe not the whole world, just tell your family and friends what you plan to accomplish this year.  Don't overshare on Facebook :)  Research also has proven that when we share our goals and aspirations, we are more likely to see them through to completion because we get the support and inspiration from those around us in our network.  And don't be afraid to ask for help too. For example, ask your friends to not ask you to go out for dinners if you are trying to get healthier, kick alcohol, or save money.  Instead they can invite you to go for a walk with them around the neighbourhood.  



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