Why You Should Consider Hot Yoga for your Health

If you’ve tried yoga before, I think it’s fair to say you either love it or you hate it.  It takes a very special person to spend an hour in silence, away from one’s thoughts, while bending limbs into precariously unusual positions.

For most of us, the idea of an hour of ‘zen’ just isn’t persuasive enough to take up the yogi lifestyle.  Life is fast and loud; there are kids who need chauffeuring, meals to be making, jobs to be doing.  ‘Zen’ doesn’t seem very realistic, does it?

hot yoga strength mindfulness natural health

But even if yoga for relaxation isn’t for you, why not consider hot yoga for health?

I’m not saying that hot yoga should become the center of your universe, but sixty minutes of hot yoga each week can do wonders for your complexion, your lung efficiency, and your body strength!

The combination of humidity and low-impact strength training that hot yoga provides is one of the truly natural health elixirs out there.  If you’re struggling with breakouts or dry skin, taking a class is a great alternative to expensive skin creams.  Or, on the other hand, if you’re looking to tone some rebellious jiggly bits, let hot yoga work its magic!

Fancy products and treatments aren’t the solution to all of life’s problems.  No matter how busy your lifestyle, there are natural tricks and fixes to get you feeling your finest.


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