Make Yourself More Mindful for Better Mental Health

Paralleling the climb of mental health awareness is the concept of ‘mindfulness’, where you work on self-improvement simply by being more conscious of your daily actions – eating, drinking, walking, breathing, colouring.  

Mindful Colouring

Colouring!  Books filled with mindful colouring exercises line the shelves of every major book shop, encouraging adults to enter the creative zen of childhood activities.  There are even colouring apps for your iPhone and android devices too!

But if colouring isn’t for you, there are all sorts of ways to get your fix of mindfulness.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is another online program that was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  The MBSR program, which stands for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, is self-paced, accessible for life, and downloadable to your phone or tablet.  

Speaking of phones and tablets, there are even better ways to get your mindfulness practice on the go.  Head on over to the App Store to download Headspace or Calm, an app that gives you daily meditation and mind exercises.  

Mindful Eating

Practicing mindful eating in which you eat without any distractions and really take notice of each sensation such as:

  • How does this taste?
  • How does the texture feel?
  • Is this salty or sweet?
  • How does this smell?
  • What does this look like? 

Mindful Skincare

You may never have thought of this one before. But it is something I encourage all the time with my skincare clients to be very mindful and present while applying their skincare each morning and night to turn it into a beautiful ritual. Not just a slap-dash exercise in getting in done. 

Mindful Movement

As a yoga teacher, I encourage my students to stay mindful and present in their body while on their mat during class. They can do this through their breath and returning their focus back to their breath each time they notice their mind racing to other thoughts. Which it will! 

But the truth of the matter is, this practice of mindful movement is what yoga really is all about ~ Off the Mat. Being able to take that mindful practice with you throughout your day. 

How do you stay mindful and present throughout your day?  

Does colouring work for you, or do you have other techniques and brain games to toughen up those mind muscles?

Diffusing essential oils? Music?

Share your ideas with us.

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