7 Ways You Never Thought You Could Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a hot super ingredient on the market.  Known for its oily consistency – ‘coconut oil’…duh – it’s been a savior the the field of hair products.  But coconut oil has some other super powers that are rarely spoken of.


Forget that chemical spray!  Rub some coconut oil on squeaky door hinges and they’ll be as good as new.


Apply coconut oil to wood or metal and then buff with a soft cloth to get your household surfaces shiny again without the awful smell of artificial polishes.  

Coffee creamer

In the way that some cultures put butter in their coffee instead of cream, coconut oil is also a great alternative!  It’s a fantastic option for those of you wanting to keep your caffeine fix dairy and sugar free.

Stain prevention

For almost any process that involves stain or dye, you can apply coconut oil around the edges to create a barrier.  When complete, simply wipe or wash the oil away.  This technique works especially well for colouring your own hair.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a process used to improve teeth and gums.  Check out what Wellness Mama has to say about coconut oil for your oral health.

Makeup brush cleaner

Makeup brushes can get dirty and filled with things we don’t want to think about.  They have to be cleaned on a regular basis, so why not clean them with something that will be gentle on the bristles and gentle on your skin?  To clean your brushes with coconut oil, melt the oil down in a small glass, swish the brushes around, and rinse under warm water.  

Vapor rub

This is something you should always have on hand for when you’re feeling under the weather or congested.  To really get back to full health, your body needs rest, and you can’t rest if you are having a hard time breathing at night.  Everyday Roots has published their homemade vapor rub recipe on this website hereIt’s simple and quick to make; give it a go and let me know what you think!
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