10 Health Myths Debunked

10. Fresh is better than frozen.

Nope!  Look for flash frozen foods.  Flash freezing locks the nutrients in within hours of being harvested.

9. Eating fats will make you fat.

There is a difference between good and bad fats.  Avocados for instance, are a good fat!  Very healthy.  But there is a fine line.  It’s not that good fats will make you fat, it’s that too much of a good fat will overload your body’s daily caloric intake.

8. Juicing is a great diet.

Juicing eliminates the pulp from the fruit or vegetable that you think you’re consuming, and the pulp is probably the most nutritious part!  You need the pulp for protein and fibre.

7. Brown bread is better than white bread.

Well, whole grain bread is better than white bread actually.  Some ‘brown’ breads are just white bread with caramel colouring.

6. You shouldn’t eat too many eggs.

    Egg yolks do contain cholesterol, which is one cause of clogged arteries, but when it comes to heart health, eggs are far healthier for you than any artificial protein bar or supplement.  If you’re concerned about your heart, make sure to stay away from saturated and trans fats instead.

    5. Diet soda is better to drink than full fat soda.

      Wrong.  While diet sodas claim to have zero sodium, sugar, and fat, they have to compensate flavour-wise by adding chemicals that will damage your internal organs!

      4. Carbs make you gain weight.

        Just like fats, there are good and bad kinds of carbohydrates.  To be more specific, it’s the sugary refined carbohydrates that cause weight gain.  Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables have carbs too, but those are the kind that your body needs for fuel.

        3. It’s bad to eat late at night.

          No, it’s not necessarily bad to eat late at night, but it’s bad to eat junk food late at night.  If you tend to get hungry before bed, organize your fridge so that it’s easiest to reach for something healthy.  Put the veggies out front and the ice cream bars out of reach.

          2. People gain weight because their bodies cannot process certain foods like wheat or dairy.

            If your body cannot process dairy, then it would be unable to absorb the calories consumed from dairy.  Therefore, you would lose, not gain weight.  Weight gain can often be much more complex than simply what ingredients go into your body.  It’s all unique to the individual.

            1. Cleansing or fasting periodically helps your body rid the system of toxins.

              No, actually, that’s not true.  Your body is a very intelligent, complex being, that knows how to cleanse itself without you going on a juice diet.  Trust the magic that’s already built in!
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