I have many passions in life and one of them is my health and that of my kids. If you were to ask anyone what one of my core values is they will tell you it is eating well and looking after myself.  I'm always reading some new book about wellness and love to try to follow the advice of professionals (ok I am a huge fan of Dr. Oz. but really who isn't?!).  Sometimes I do take a selfish approach when I make sure I book some "me time" but I know that if I don't look after #1, I can't look after the rest of my family or my business interests.

I was recently speaking to a colleague of mine who has been suffering from daily headaches, much like myself before I got mine straightened out with the help of my naturopath.  This colleague of mine said she doesn't have time to go to her doctor and has just been tolerating these headaches and taking pain killers every day for years. That used to be me a few years ago. I guess she would be shocked to learn that this week alone I have visited my family doctor, osteopath and naturopath - all as part of my "spring preventative maintenance package"!   In fact, why don't we treat our bodies much like we treat our vehicles or our other systems that require preventative maintenance in order to maintain our "warranty". Why do we wait until we are in unbearable pain either physically or emotionally before we do something about it?

One of my favourite websites that I subscribe to is MindBodyGreen. I get daily inspirations and recipes from this site which always keep me finding new and exciting things I can do for myself. I also freely share these articles with friends or family who I know can relate and hopefully benefit.

I also really enjoy Pinterest and find I can spend endless hours (in my "me time" hours in bed or on weekends) looking up recipes and different topics of interest. Sometimes just finding funny quotes is all I need to restore myself and find some humour in an otherwise stressful day! 

I had dinner with some long-time girlfriends this week who have been my friends for the past 24 years - we met in grade 9. Every time we get together it feels so great and reminds me why women need girlfriends. I would also count this in my "me time" category.  I love getting caught up, sharing advice on parenting and balancing work and personal time. And of course having lots of laughs at ourselves from our younger and foolish years. At the end of the dinner we all agreed that having girlfriends is one of the most important things to us.  In the full "wellness" spectrum I would put it right up there at the top.

So ladies and gentlemen, take some "me time" this weekend - just do something you love to nurture yourself, spend time with your family, and get in touch with some friends that are positive and make you feel good about yourself. You deserve a little selfishness to a healthy & happy, well-rounded person!

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