This week I thought it only appropriate that I talk about helping others, namely helping children given I am a parent and also a business owner that focuses on children.  We need to bring more awareness of medical issues that unfortunately far too many children face nowadays.  Two that are receiving worldwide awareness at this time of year are Epilepsy and Autism.

I am fortunate to be the Owner/Operator of two child care centres in Vaughan, ON called Peekaboo Child Care. This week was Worldwide Epilepsy Awareness day on March 26th and it was celebrated through wearing the colour purple to raise awareness of the 1 in 100 people who are dealing with Epilepsy. It was a very special, well planned day we had at Peekaboo to honour one of our little Peekaboo friends who suffers from Epilepsy since learning to walk as an infant.  It made me feel very proud to be surrounded by so many caring and loving teachers and caregivers who care so deeply for the kids in our programs.  They made a huge difference on March 26th in the lives of many.

This upcoming week is World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd and is being celebrated by "Light it up Blue" across the world, and also at all 27 Peekaboo Child Care Centres across southern Ontario.  There will be a Light It Up Blue celebration in the evening at the Peekaboo on Traders Boulevard in Mississauga where we will be joined by many Peekaboo families and others in the community to raise awareness of Autism.  It will be another truly special day where we make a difference, one piece at a time. 

I feel very blessed and honoured to be involved in businesses that make a difference. Seven years ago I made a very conscious decision to leave my corporate HR Director job at Bell Canada to start up my own franchise location of Peekaboo Child Care. I did this to not only make better decisions for my own children but also because I cared passionately about other people's children too.  At that time, never did I imagine the impact we could have on so many family's lives and across the community also. 

It's a great feeling to give to others. So join me this week with others across the world to help raise awareness for Autism by wearing blue on April 2nd and be sure to "light it up blue" however you can! It does make a difference.

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