18 Things You Must Do in 2018 to Detox Your Life

January 01, 2018

18 Things You Must Do in 2018 to Detox Your Life

Detox and relax


Detox, detox, detox. Everyone is doing it! Sometimes even several times a day. It is January after all and this is what most of us are all about. New year, new goals, new challenges to lose weight, get in shape, be more spiritual, a do-over for whatever we didn't feel good about in 2017.


When I think of detoxifying, as I am here with these 18 suggestions I've listed below, I am thinking very holistically in terms of your body and your mind. Because let's face it. You can't be healthy if you don't look after the whole package! 


1. Dry Brush daily before your shower to stimulate your lymphatic system and to keep your body healthy and reduce toxins that cause inflammation.

2. Use a detoxifier for your face too such as our Superfoods Detox Face Clay Mask that rids your pores of the everyday toxins, product buildup and pore blockers.  This is a detox from the outside that cleanses and will make your face say thank you. 


3. Try Coconut Oil Pulling at night time or first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth.  It detoxes your mouth which is the main hub to keep your body healthy and free of illness. 


4. Try having an Apple Cider Vinegar shot in warm water each morning to kick start your digestion or try this Turmeric ACV shot to boost your gut health and in turn strengthen your immunity.  It helps to detoxify your system and also helps with acne and skin issues.  


5. Write Your Vision Board for what you want to accomplish and stay the course. Make it visible on a white board, a chalk board, a high poster board right where you will see it often.  


6. Say NO to what doesn't serve you...like this "Thanks for understanding" without any apologies, guilt or giving in. Try it in emails and verbally whenever you are in a sticky situation and really know and want to just say No. We often feel guilty and end up saying yes and then get angry with the outcome. 


7. Read food labels. Know what is in the food you are eating and always opt for fresh, whole, unpackaged foods whenever possible.  


8. Read product labels especially personal care products you are applying that go directly into your bloodstream such as anti-perspirants and lotions.  Go for natural products for your hair, face, body and home. Few and simple ingredients is key here.  


9. Technology Detox. My goal for 2018 is to put my phone down at 9pm every night and not look at it again until morning.  I have a very bad habit of looking at it and surfing the net looking for ideas and reading articles right up until I close my eyes each night.  The blue light is known to disrupt sleep and even though I don't often have issues with sleep I know it is harmful.  


10. Get more fresh air.  Make a point of going for a walk even if for 20 minutes to fill your lungs with all the freshness and goodness that nature offers.  


11. Detox your mind with meditation.  While you're out taking that walk, why not make it a walking meditation.  I love doing this because I have a lot of energy and often find that a sitting meditation is painful for me to stay focused and present.  


12. Scale down your daily to do list and refocus on what really matters. Its funny how when we have a tragedy such as a family emergency, death or illness we can reprioritize and focus on what really matters very quickly and easily.  


13. Declutter your home, bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen. And I mean really be ruthless and purge whatever you aren't using. Bag it up and get rid of it! 


14. Clean out your closet and donate the clothes to the homeless or to a charity.  Like most people we have way too much and doing a closet clean in January is very therapeutic to add the new stuff and clean out the old. 


15. Reset your expectations of what your life should look like. What is it based on? something you saw on tv or read in a book or on what your best friends life is all about?  Do what is right and works for you to find happiness.  


16. Say goodbye and smell ya later to any relationships that aren't serving you any longer. Ever heard of the phrase "A reason, a season, or a lifetime"? I believe all relationships and people we meet fall into this framework.  People come into your lives when they are meant to and often they leave them also when the time has come. Don't fight it or try to keep something fitting into a space that doesn't make sense any longer.  


17. Detox your medicine cabinet and toiletries to get rid of anything that contains harmful chemicals and ingredients that will wreak havoc with your hormones and health.  


18. Clean out your computer files and physical paper files of bank, insurance, receipts, and anything you can either scan and shred or delete old files you don't need any longer.  


    I hope you will find these suggestions helpful and help you to detox all areas of your life that are chaotic, overcrowded, noisy and complicated.  The whole idea is for your life and environment to bring you more pleasure and joy than stress.  



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