Spring Refresh Duo: "Kiss Me Awake" Eye Cream + "Kiss Me Everyday" Day Cream

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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Save 20% on this Spring Refresh duo for spring!

Now you can get our Spring Refresh Duo to show some love to your eyes and face with our Orchid Firming Eye Cream "Kiss Me Awake" and our Daily Hydration Cream "Kiss Me Everyday".

When you buy them together, you save 20%.  Your Spring skin will thank you for the glow and plant-based nourishment. 

The Spring Refresh Duo includes: 

1. Firming Orchid Eye Cream ~ "Kiss Me Awake" 15ml

Our Award-Winning "Kiss Me Awake" Firming Orchid Eye Cream contains delicate orchid stem cells from Japanese orchids, to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin around the eye area.

Added to that is a botanical extract from the gotu kola plant which provides the delicate eye area with anti-oxidants from triterpenoids, squalane oil to seal in moisture, and moringa oil to fight free radicals. The overall result is reduced puffiness, and a hydrated and rejuvenated eye area. Read more here.

2. Daily Hydration Face Cream ~ "Kiss Me Everyday" 50g

Every face needs a moisturizer to stay healthy and protected, yes even oily ones!

But don't fret. Our Kiss Me Everyday Daily Hydration face cream is a naturally luxurious, yet light whipped texturized daytime moisturizer that features natural sun protection from red raspberry seed oil (but still wear your sunscreen daily please!).   

It also contains a synergistic blend of plant butters/oils and essential oils to encourage the skins' natural vitality, reduce the signs of aging and to slow down further damage from the elements, naturally. Read more here.