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Why My Laundry Obsession is a Metaphor For My Life

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Psst...I have a dirty little secret to share. I love doing laundry. It gives me such immense pleasure when laundry day rolls around or more likely lately it's when the opportunity of a few spare moments presents itself so that I can gather up the soiled clothing from the week.


Not every woman or man sees laundry in this positive fashion, in fact many think I'm a tad nuts, but here is why after a lot of introspection I have come to understand my laundry lovin' obsession and encourage you also to embrace it.


1. Dirty laundry is like a chaotic day you want to forget about. Wouldn't it be great if you could just simply throw your days' problems into the washing machine, add some soap and hot water and boom, problem solved! You watch it swishin' all around with soap and just know that it's coming out the other end of fabulous. If only life could really be that simple...


2. You choose your attitude. Your day, your way.  I am scent activated (natural scents of course not those artificial, chemically scented fabric softener fragrances). I love love love to spray my freshly laundered clothes with a beautiful linen spray of therapeutic grade essential oils that are safe and I feel great putting on my body.  Whether I choose lavender & cedarwood to give me peace and calmness, fresh lemon to brighten my spirits, or rosemary & peppermint to help focus and feel spa-like, whatever my mood brings for that day. You can choose to make every day fresh and make it your own. 


 3. Stains are the challenge and I am the master problem solver. Bring on the stains! When my daughters were young and they would dribble sauces and milk down themselves (like 5-6 times a day) I couldn't wait to strip them down and run that cotton tee straight to the laundry room like a good challenge that only I could solve!  If only Pinterest existed 15 years ago to give me all the greatest stain solutions. I had to use my own trial and error and actually ask my fellow mommy friends for stain advice (for real). But those good stain challenges excited me like nobody's business (ok they still kinda do). I realize I probably needed to get out more now in hindsight.  


4. Not everything in life gives you a re-do. But dirty laundry does. You wear it and mess it up but can then wash it, iron it, hang it back up and do it all over again. Mix it up. Wear it with a different combo, different shoes, different belt, Again, if only everything in life gave you a second, third, tenth chance to enjoy it again and mix it up to make a statement especially if you messed it up the first time.


I hope this post gave you a good chuckle and an even better appreciation for laundry, the necessary chore that can actually inspire you! 


Live healthy, live clean. Simple. Clean. Passion.


Rebecca April 09, 2020

Spot on! Excellent points. I too look forward to laundry day, which is usually the entire weekend if I can drag it out long enough.

waffles April 09, 2020

I get so excited to do the laundry…I hope no one finds out…

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