Why taking a blue sky day is good for everyone

Clean Kiss Organics Natural Body, Face, Hair, Home.Because we all know "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy!". And yes I realize that is very poor grammar (being the grammar and spelling cop that I am) but I have this sign posted in my laundry room and it still makes me giggle at how true it is.


So today is Monday and I should be at work doing lots of paperwork and in meetings but instead I decided to take a "blue sky" day.  What is a blue sky day you might ask? A day to think big, to chill in your jammies until noon, to do things to strengthen your brain, read a book. Many entrepreneurship books will tell you that you need to work "ON" your business and not always "IN" your business. So that is what today is for me. In fact, as I write this I am sitting in a sunny window at a hightop table in Starbucks feeling very artsy. Usually I am the harried lady ordering my venti soy misto in a massive rush to get to my next meeting and wondering "What do these people do for a living that they are lounging in Starbucks?". Today I know. They are blue skying!


I think I may actually schedule a Blue Sky day at least once a month. To think big about where I want to take my businesses and how to get there. And to nourish my own soul. How can I worry about health, fitness and being obsessed with using natural body and face products when I am a frantic mom who doesn't look after my mind and what's going on inside. Makes sense right?


So if you're an entrepreneur, mompreneur or any kind of preneur, or just a harried mom/dad, here is my guide to having a Blue Sky day:

Step 1: Tell your husband and your kids about it and tell work too that you're unavailable!

Step 2: Don't set your alarm clock to get up for anything. This goes with Step 1 so make sure you don't miss this step and that they all get themselves out of bed and off to school!

Step 3: Stay in your jammies as long as you can and ladies, please don't even think about putting on your bra.

Step 4: Don't make a list of all that you want to accomplish today. Just let it happen. But make sure if lounging in Starbucks looking all artsy is on your list that you get that done (Note: and then perhaps put your bra on). 

Step 5: Enjoy it. Don't look at the clock. Don't check email. Take the time to think big about where you are going, make plans, strategize.

Step 6: Be happy mama when the house fills up again with your children and spouse. You had the best day ever that you owed to yourself. And you will do it again just for the rewards that today will bring you.


p.s. Notice the blue sky behind me as I walked to Starbucks with a big smile.

Jodie Pappas Clean Kiss Organics



vhjosgqsyq November 11, 2020

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knjcdtfeku March 16, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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