Does natural deodorant REALLY work?

If you asked me this five years ago I would have chuckled and said "Umm, not for me they don't!". Like hair products for my unruly curly hair, I have also invested a lot of money on every deodorant/antiperspirant under the sun in my quest for the holy grail of deodorants that would actually keep me fresh and not require me to carry a stick in every handbag I own.

Here's a snapshot of my experiences with FIVE antiperspirants/natural deodorants. No names will be mentioned to protect their identity...

Regular drugstore antiperspirant- They worked until I had any sort of "hot" moment of stress, sports/activity, or even just a slightly warm office that would set me off for a 2nd application.

Natural crystal - Oh dear, not a pretty smelling day but very cool to try it. I had such hope.

Clinical strength antiperspirants - I tried every one I could find and had marginally better results than the regular stuff but it still failed me time and again. And they are not inexpensive!

Prescription strength antiperspirant - We are talking 20% aluminum chloride here and major three-alarm underarm fires to put out from extreme irritation! It was so bad that it would wake me up and I felt like I could fry an egg on my red, inflamed skin.

Natural herbal roll-on - I felt wet and sticky all day, and another not so fresh kinda day when it wore off by noon. Again, such hope but no luck.

So after all of this trial and error, lots of money and many not so fresh days, I figured I CAN DO THIS. Isn't this how most inventions come about through a need that can't be fulfilled elsewhere? I knew if I can make my own natural product formulation that works for me, it should work for every other woman, man and teenager!

FAQ's I get about the Natural Cream Deodorant by Clean Kiss Organics:

1. Why is it in a pot and not a stick like traditional deodorants?

First and foremost the formulation works best in a pot since it's creamy and moisturizing. Secondly, when you use a stick and reapply throughout the day you transfer bacteria back and forth to your underarm which isn't very hygienic.

2. Which natural ingredients help protect you from smelling?

There are therapeutic grade essential oils that are naturally anti-bacterial such as melaleuca (tea tree) and lavender which keeps bacteria at bay, and hence the smell away. There are also natural powders and clay to help absorb moisture and keep you dry. Finally it is in a base of creamy shea butter and coconut oil (which is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) to feel soft and moisturize your delicate underarm skin.

3. I don't want to be feel wet and sweaty. Will this help?

Sweating is a natural bodily process to help your body cool itself down and to rid the body of toxins. You want to sweat it all out and not trap it in! This is especially true in the delicate underarm area near your breast tissue and lymph nodes. Our natural cream deodorant will not stop you from sweating but it will help control odour causing bacteria and absorb moisture.

My main goal is to educate people of the health risks of using antiperspirant and to encourage all people to try a natural deodorant. If you choose to try my natural cream deodorant, I will guarantee its efficacy or else give your money back. Either way you go when making your choice, please think of your long term health and make a better choice to go chemical free and natural.





Suzanne November 23, 2015

LOVE making my own deodorant! The recipe has been quite simple, however it seems to make my armpits form small painful lumps under the skin… any idea why this could be??

Jodie November 23, 2015

Hi Suzanne, good for you for making your own! The painful lumps could be a reaction to the baking soda, which some people are sensitive to. Try using a little bit less in your formulation and also try not to apply the deodorant immediately after shaving as that also causes sensitivity. Good luck!

Cyd November 29, 2015

Bought some yesterday at the RBG craft show although I was a skeptic.

Tried it this morning and I must say, my pits still smell like creamsicles. And I even did housework! :)

Looking forward to trying the body scrub I purchased.

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