Curly Hair Trio ~ Kiss My Curls Power Trio - NEW!

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Try this power trio to get your best curls ever with all three of our NEW Kiss My Curls natural products for curly hair. 

Save 10% with this Power Trio and get the optimal results for your natural curls as this trilogy works it’s synergistic powers! 

In this power trio you get:

Kiss My Curls Hair Butter 100g jar

Kiss My Curls Hair Shine Oil 30ml bottle

Kiss My Curls Nourishing Curl Spray 120ml bottle

Note: all three of these are in our new eco-friendly sustainable glass bottles. 


This Kiss My Curls power trio is for the curly haired woman or man that wants to use pure plant-based nourishment to honour their natural curls. 

Suitable for all curl types, but best used for curl types 3 (curly) and 4 (coily).  


You will love the way your hair smells of refreshing peppermint, focus-enhancing rosemary, and luscious feminine lavender. Your curls will be frizz-free and able to be their natural bouncy selves without the weight of heavy products or waxy residue. 


1. Start in the shower with the Hair Butter. Apply a little bit to the hair from mid shaft to the ends, for best results. You may choose to either rinse it out fully (if you have curl type 2A-3A) or leave in on your ends for extra nourishment and to help with styling (if you have curl type 3B-4C). 

2. Leave hair dripping wet when you get out of the shower. Curls love water and oil so try to keep as much water on your hair as possible! 

3. Next use the Hair Shine Oil. Apply a few pumps, depending on thickness and length, as needed. Apply to hair from roots to end in a downward motion to smooth out the hair cuticle. Do not rub in. 

4. Finally, spray the Nourishing Curl Spray on hair from roots to ends being sure to fully saturate the hair evenly.  Tip: use a curly girl brush such as this one to brush the hair oil and spray throughout to ensure even distribution. While using the brush, or you can use your fingers, work with your curls to create definition.

5. Depending on your preference and curl type, you may now wish to finish your curl styling with a curl defining gel. Sorry we don't sell this!