Detox Face Mask 3-Piece Set - "Pure Kisses" Clay Face Mask + Bowl + Brush

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Make it a complete face masking set complete with a silicone bowl, natural face-masking brush with wood handle (as shown), and the clay mask powder.  Each set comes in a cotton hemp bag, perfect for gifting! 

Our facial skin needs a good detox, just like the rest of our organs from time to time, to clear away clogged pores that cause acne, dry skin, and to help with uneven, patchy complexion.

This clay face mask will help to remove the dirt that clogs your pores and leave your face feeling purified and renewed. With the purest clays and active botanicals including bentonite and kaolin, ground oatmeal, green tea extract and vitamin c powder to help detox your pores.


Clay is very important because applied as a mask, it will deeply purify and invigorate your skin. It will pull out toxins, pollutants, chemicals and dust which prevent your skin from breathing. But clay acts at more than the physical level.

Egyptians were putting clay on their faces when a family member died because they knew that clay is purifying. Clay mask not only purifies your skin, but it also purifies your mind, your emotions.


This Detox Clay Face Mask is great for all skin types from teenage to mature skin. The mask will help to detox and remove dead skin, clean and clear out clogged pores while removing toxins on the beneath the surface. 


Bentonite clay, oatmeal powder, camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, kaolin clay, L-ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c).


Depending on what type of detox you are after, here are some ideas for you to "choose your own adventure":

Mix 1 tbsp of the clay mask in your silicone bowl (add any ingredients from below) and "paint" it on your face with a makeup brush:

For normal skin detoxing - mix with 1tbsp. warm water, once a week

For deep cleansing - mix with 1tbsp. warm water and 1/2 tsp. apple cider vinegar, (option to add 1/8 tsp turmeric), use twice a week

For acne or blemish healing - mix with 1tbsp. warm water and 1 tbsp. organic honey, to desired consistency

For calming irritated or sensitive skin - mix with 1 tbsp coconut yogurt, 1 tbsp organic honey, warm water to desired consistency

Use this mask once or twice a week for 15-20 minutes each time. 

Pure Kisses detox face mask natural skincare

Weight: 100g glass jar of clay mask + silicone bowl + makeup brush