How to Prevent Thigh Chafing with Natural and Home Remedies

Thigh chafing is a real struggle that almost all women face, no matter what size body you have or how large or small your thighs are. #chafinghappens

I was recently on a beach vacation in sunny Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and walked 2kms on the beach in my bikini to visit some friends at a neighbouring resort. By the time I arrived, my thighs were on fire with the worst thigh chafing I have had in a long time. Lucky for me, my friend uses my favourite natural cream deodorant and was able to help me out and calm my rash very quickly! 

Yes, I used natural deodorant to make it all better and to prevent further chafing for the walk back along the beach which I was dreading badly from pain. 

Natural cream deodorant aluminum free for women and men and teens calming anti-chafing

There are other body parts that chafing happens too. Underarms, buttocks 🍑, groin and nipples 🍈🍈 (ask any marathon runner and they can attest to this!). It doesn't discriminate by gender, body size or shape, or by age either. It can happen and does happen to all of us. (In fact my 18 year old daughter literally just told me she got thigh chafing today from walking with her friends!).

What causes thigh chafing?

Friction and sweat! Which means that summertime, any physical activity or a  hot climate vacation can be met with the awful and uncomfortable feeling of a rash from chafing in all the places with the most common being the inner thighs. 

What does it feel like?

If you're asking, you've never had it! It feels like a painful burning from friction. Much like a carpet burn would feel. It hurts to touch, often is red and irritated, and looks like a raised rash. 

What are some ways to prevent thigh chafing naturally?

1. Use a natural cream deodorant in the areas that you are prone to chafing. The creamy texture, made from natural plant-based butters and other ingredients, will create a protective barrier layer on your skin that will stay on even during sweating (because that is what it is designed to do!). 

Natural cream deodorant aluminum-free safe for everybody women men teens anti-chafing


2. Wear clothes that “breathe” and let the sweat evaporate off your skin, especially while exercising. Running tights and other sport-specific clothing can protect skin when you're active. You can also wear bike shorts underneath a skirt to prevent thigh skin from rubbing together.

If chafing happens, what to do to heal it fast?

It is important to not ignore chafing because red, inflamed skin can get infected if bacteria gets inside any broken skin or open pores. 

1. Cleanse the rash area first with a gentle cleanser using a mild soap or castile all natural liquid soap or body wash. Do not use any synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals on the inflamed area. 

2. Try using something soothing and calming like a natural body butter that contains shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. These are all great natural plant-based ingredients in skincare products that help to promote healing, nourishment, and sweet almond oil especially is great for calming skin irritation. Check out this one here that contains lavender essential oil that is also very calming to the skin. It should clear up the discomfort within a short time. 

Natural body butter for nourishing skin healing chafing rashes dry skin

3. Aloe vera to the rescue! You can also try using aloe straight from the plant if you happen to own one. To do this, you simply break off an aloe stem and onto a plate or paper towel you will squeeze out the brownish liquid that emerges from the aloe (it smells quite strong as you will notice). Don't worry about getting it all out. Once that is mostly out then you can cut open the aloe piece to expose the gel-like substance that is inside. This is the gem of the aloe plant! 

While holding the open aloe piece in your hand, rub that aloe gel on the rash area to encourage healing. 

 Aloe vera natural remedy to soothe skin rash chafing

Bottom line on thigh (and any) chafing:

It happens and it hurts. You think you're going out for a nice hot day in shorts or a dress and never expect it to happen until it's too late. 

If you're prone to it, don't take any chances and be sure to try the best method we know to prevent chafing! Which is to use your natural deodorant in a cream format for the ultimate protection from skin chafing. Simple rub it into your thigh area to protect your thighs or other areas BEFORE it happens. 

You don't need to avoid wearing shorts or dresses in the heat for fear of thigh chafing. Wear the darn shorts and enjoy it! 

About the Author: Jodie Pappas

Jodie Pappas is the Founder and Skincare Formulator of the Canadian-made, plant-based skincare brand Clean Kiss. Jodie creates clean, natural skincare products for women over 40 to feel confident and glowing in their skin, without the use of any harmful toxins.

Jodie is a Certified Organic Skincare Formulator, a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner (CNAP) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200). She believes that beautiful pro-aging skin is available for every woman and uses a holistic lifestyle approach to educate and inspire. 

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Jodie Pappas Founder of Clean Kiss and The Clean Skin Coach


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