Clean Ingredient Focus: Zinc Ricinoleate


This week we are focusing on a new natural, clean ingredient we are using in our 12 NEW Natural Deodorants: Zinc Ricinoleate.

This is a new ingredient for us in the Clean Kiss Lab and we want to share with you why we love it and what it does for your armpits! Our natural skincare products are always "Clean at First Sight" meaning what you see and get is always fully transparent.

What it is: Zinc ricinoleate is the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, a major fatty acid found in castor seed oil obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant.

Zinc Ricinoleate for body odourWhat it does: This magical natural ingredient traps and absorbs odour molecules, making them imperceptible to the odour receptors in your nose. Simply put: it deodorizes superbly and gives your armpits, and anywhere else you choose to use our natural deodorant such as your feet, groin or breast folds, a BO-free experience. 

What we use it for: This natural ingredient is now included in all 12 of our NEW natural cream underarm deodorants. We use it as a safe and effective alternative to keep you fresh unlike other brands that add aluminum, synthetic fragrances, or other toxic ingredients to mask odour. 

Our natural deodorants work like magic for women, men, teens and tweens who are facing the challenges of body odour for the first time as they go through puberty. But we never want you worrying about what toxic ingredients you are putting ON or IN your body in order to be odour-free.

Clean Kiss natural deodorant aluminum free 24/7 body odour protection

Why you will love it: As much as we love using ingredients that come from mother earth, safety and efficacy is of the upmost importance to us at Clean Kiss. Hence, our name, we must always carry the highest standards for "clean beauty".

Is it safe? Yes, in fact, before we choose an ingredient to use in our clean beauty and skincare products, we do our own extensive research to ensure its safety. Of course, zinc ricinoleate fits the bill. 

One source that we use to ensure your safety are the ratings by the EWG. In this case, Zinc Ricinoleate is rated a 1 meaning it is incredibly safe as tested by science. Check it out here.

But know this: "natural" doesn't always mean "safe". Castor seeds, which is what zinc ricinoleate is derived from, are the perfect example. Hiding inside the castor seed is a highly toxic protein called ricin that’s so toxic just a few purified grains the size of table salt can kill an adult.

You may be wondering if castor oil and its derivatives (like zinc ricinoleate) could be contaminated with ricin.

The answer is a resounding no.

Ricin is a water soluble compound, so it can’t bind to the oil. On the chance that there should be a stray molecule, the heat manufacturing process of castor oil neutralizes and effectively deactivates the protein. Castor oil has been safely used for many applications, from cosmetic to medicinal, for thousands of years.

There’s no need to worry about ricin in our zinc ricinoleate or in our natural deodorants!

Natural deodorant vs anti-perspirants  

Ready for the best part? This new natural deodorant formula is our best yet! We created this product first in 2014 and have perfected it along the way. This new formula is now smooth as silk, works better than ever against body odour, allows your body to sweat minimally since that is healthy for detoxification, and comes in 12 amazing scents so there is one for every body, every day of the week, and every mood. 

We can't wait for you to try it and see how well zinc ricinoleate works to keep you confident all day!

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