How I Healed my Hormonal Acne with Plant Based Skincare

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I am in my mid forties and for god's sake I really thought that all my pimples and acne issues would have been kissed goodbye with that last boyfriend in my teenage years. Then came the pre-baby and the baby years of my twenties and thirties when I wasn't exactly sleeping well, eating a real meal with all the food groups and that didn't involve Baby Mum Mums and a single moment of adult conversation.  I thought the unhealthy habits and radical young mother schedule was to blame for all the persisting acne issues. I have always had quite oily/combination skin and struggled with not looking like an oil slick by lunchtime.


In order to fight my oily skin I did what most women do - try to remove every last drop of oil with harsh, alcohol based cleansers or I skipped moisturizing altogether thinking it would be far too oily on my face.  Little did I know that I was actually throwing off my skin's equilibrium even further and creating more oil production and acne.


In my thirties and early forties I had been dealing with acne breakouts along my jaw line (classic hormonal acne pattern) both in terms of huge red pimples and also tiny white ones that formed under the skins' surface. I was so self-conscious and always trying to cover them up with makeup. I thought my rich and oily hair products were to blame.


That was of  course until I started studying organic skincare formulation and reading obsessively about plant based skin care ingredients for all types of skin and issues we face as women in our mid-life.  I started to formulate plant based moisturizers and serums with oils that mimicked the natural sebum in my skin (i.e. jojoba oil) and reduced the amount of oil that was being over-produced. Jojoba oil is also full of minerals and vitamin E which promotes healthy skin, is anti-bacterial, prevents free radical damage (as in from the sun and environment that causes aging, chronic diseases and cancers).  


The results have been amazing both in terms of clearing up all my acne (I can't remember the last time I had a breakout!), improving the appearance of wrinkles, and also reducing signs of sun damage. I have never received so many compliments about my complexion and people asking me what I use on my skin.  Makes me pretty happy as I am approaching 45 very soon!


So ladies, please don't be afraid to use good quality products with organic plant based oils in them on your skin. They should not make you break out or cause you to have oilier looking skin.  You also need to be exfoliating at least two times per week and moisturizing daily to clear away the dead skin cells and keep your epidermis healthy and fresh.  And most of all please stop stripping your skin of the natural sebum with harsh cleansers and alcohol based products. 


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Andrea November 07, 2016

Hey there,

This is so very, very relatable! Which of your products would you recommend trying for this issue? I was so luck to not have to deal with too much troubling acne when I was a teen and for years, my skin was so clear and all of a sudden…. gaaaahhh! Nothing I try is working :(

Thank you so much for this article! Would love to hear your suggestions!



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