7 of the Best Ways to Conquer your Puffy Eyes and Wrinkles

I am passionate about pro-aging which means finding ways to answer the question that is often asked by women all around the world which is "How to age gracefully with diet, exercise and wellness products?". I feel very strongly that right off the bat we need to stop thinking about aging as a bad thing. If you aren't aging, then you aren't alive. 

proaging radical acceptance or aging with grace and beauty

Having said that, I believe that we can age with grace and beauty and, most importantly, appropriately for our age. Have you ever met someone that is your age or younger but looks much, much older than you or older than you would have guessed?

Chances are high that they have been living large and not following some basic fundamental principles of looking after their skin. It could also be genetics or skin type, of course, as some people are prone to age quicker than others. 

In fact, if you are familiar with the field of epigenetics you know that a large portion of your health can be attributed to genetic makeup whereas the remaining health factors come down to lifestyle habits and living a life of wellness that can change the course of your health.

In other words, the lifestyle you choose to live can change the course that your genetics has laid out for you. It is within your control! This applies to your skin health too and the factors that affect how well you age, or pro-age as it were.

Is it too late to start in my 40's, 50's or later?

No, it absolutely is not too late. If you have not been looking after your skin or health all these years and suddenly feel like you want to make a change. Then do it. Do it now while you are in midlife and you will still reap the benefits of a good skincare ritual, protecting your skin from further aging and damage.  

In fact, starting a natural skincare ritual as a woman in her forties or older is an easy thing to do with a few basics, as outlined here below. But we also want to share some basic fundamentals of how to go about choosing what you use on your skin. 

Don't opt for harsh chemical procedures or products that promise you quick results. Avoid such harsh ingredients such as hydroquinone, retinol, phthlalates, parabens, SLS, and so many more. Check out the full list of what to avoid here. 


Natural plant based ingredients for anti aging skincare

Does plant-based skincare prevent you from aging?

Short answer is YES! Plant-based skincare can be just as effective as other more harsh chemical treatments, the difference being that they are safer for your body and your health. With proper use and these other tips below you can achieve great results from plant-based skincare to help prevent you from aging beyond your years. 


age appropriate aging is what we are going for


Here are 7 of the Best Ways You Can Conquer Your Puffy Eyes and Wrinkles

1. Apply an Eye Cream specifically made for the delicate eye area.

For as long as I have been in the skincare industry, back since the late 80's when I worked part-time while I was a student for the skincare giant L'Oreal Group, there has been a great debate over whether you actually need an eye cream or whether your regular face moisturizer can do the trick around your eye area. 

My answer is that if you are using a daycream that has heavier oils, or a fragrance or scent of any kind then you probably shouldn't be using it around your delicate, sensitive eye area. 

An eye cream is specifically formulated to be used underneath the eyes, an area where skin is notoriously delicate and prone to showing signs of aging. As such, it tends to be lighter in texture and features active ingredients that target specific concerns.

In particular you want to pay attention to ingredients that firm, hydrate, and provide antioxidant effects (which helps protect the skin against environmental stressors that can cause premature aging, like UV rays and pollution). An eye cream can also reduce puffiness, brighten the skin or reduce the appearance of fine lines in the area.

 Firming Orchid Eye Cream


Some non-negotiables in your plant-based skincare ritual have to include always wearing a mineral-based non-nano sunscreen, always wearing a quality plant-based facial moisturizer, and washing off your make-up (or even just dirt and bacteria) every single night. 

The bottom line is that you want to be using the best pro-aging natural skin care products that you can. Remember that what you put on your skin, goes into your body.   Always choose the best quality with safe ingredients and avoid the ingredients that are known to cause health issues.  

2. Be sure to stay well hydrated all day, everyday. 

I cannot say this enough to women and men. One of the best things you should be doing everyday for your skin, and quite frankly every system in your body, is to drink plenty of water every day. This amount is north of 2L a day for everyone regardless of your size. If you are more active and are outside sweating a lot, then drink even more than that. 

Being well hydrated will help your puffy eyes by helping to move the fluids that have pooled in the eye area. There are many factors for what may be causing the puffy eyes which we will explore in the next few points. 

drink water to keep skin and body hydrated

Not a fan of plain water? Try adding lemon to it (tip: squeeze fresh lemon into warm water every morning for your liver detox to start the day out right). Also try adding other fruit like oranges, strawberries, mint, basil, cucumber, and more to your water for a fruity, herb water infusion.  

3. Pay attention to what you eat that makes you puffy. 

Everything that shows in and on your skin, starts in the gut. That's right. Scientists now know that the gut is the second brain. We have a gut-brain axis in which they speak to and signal each other. If your gut health is off kilter, it signals your brain and causes other reactions to occur including causing oxidative stress that impacts your skin.

Similarly, if you are under an extreme amount of stress and anxiety then it signals your gut and causes the bacterial balance to run wild. 

If your gut health is out of balance then issues like skin rashes, redness and sensitivity, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, puffy eyes, and more all starts in the gut.

Gut Health Disease starts in the gut Hippocrates

Ever notice that after a night of eating salty foods, drinking alcohol and staying up too late that your eyes and skin show it first?   

Are there other foods that also cause you issues but you are not paying attention to the signs and symptoms? I'm talking about food intolerances and sensitivities to foods such as gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar, alcohol, caffeine. 

There are also some other healthy foods, plant-based foods, that contains lectins that may be causing your digestive system to be running at a less than optimal level. Lectins are in the gluten family too but also contain beans and legumes, grains, nuts, peanuts, nightshade vegetables, and more.

If you are having a reaction to any of these highly sensitive foods then try to take them out of your diet for a time period, like up to a month, and see if your puffiness gets better?  Keeping a food journal is also a great way to track the effects of certain foods on your bodily systems, including your skin. 

4. Find Some Cooling Relief for Those Peepers

Tired and puffy eyes love a cooling sensation to reduce inflammation and provide relief. Try using a Gua Sha or Rose Quartz Roller that has been kept in the fridge to soothe and relieve the delicate eye area that is puffy. 

Not sure how to use a tool such as these?  I have two great educators that I call upon for the proper instruction on how to use a Gua Sha or Rose Quartz Roller. Both are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. 

Check them out here: Dr. Ellerie and Amrit from @6babebeauty in Toronto. 

Use your Gua Sha or Facial Roller with face oils, serums and your eye cream so that you don't stretch the skin and cause damage.


Gua Sha and Firming Orchid Eye Cream


5. Jump Your Way to Keep Puffy Eyes Away 

Exercising can help you move the fluid that builds up in your eyes and face. Try an exercise rebounder to move the lymph fluid around. Or if you can't fit one into your space or budget, then simply try doing something every day that includes jumping or light cardio for a minimum of 5-10 minutes to get the lymph fluid moving. 

Jump on a trampoline for lymphatic drainage

Being active every day is always my best advice anyway, for every body, every age and every ability. A sedentary life can only lead to other health issues because we know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health.  

6. Try Face Yoga Exercises

Some everyday face yoga exercises can help to keep the fluids moving in your face while also helping to sculpt and tone the facial muscles that tend to get slack in midlife. Let's face it ladies, we all carry so much tension in our neck and jaw so doing these types of exercises will really benefit all of us to relax those overworked muscles. 

I know you are thinking, "Really like I have time to fit anything else into my already packed days!!!". Facial yoga exercises are the simplest thing to incorporate into your day because you can do them while sitting at your desk, while driving, while watching tv, etc. 

Here's a quick 5-minute facial yoga and neck stretching ritual that you can do anywhere.  

Face Yoga with Jodie Pappas Clean Kiss

7. How You Apply Eye Cream Can Help to Ease the Puff.

First of all be extra careful near your eyes to not get any products inside the eye area. When applying eye cream there is a special technique.

First start by putting a little bit of eye cream on your ring finger (it is the most gentle). Less is more when it comes to eye cream. You don't want to put too much and then have it end up getting inside your eye.

Then gently tap the eye area on the orbital bone above the eye, on the outer area (crows feet), and underneath on the boney area. 

Tapping along the orbital bone area in a light and constant motion will help to stimulate lymphatic fluid movement in the eye area. 

Try applying your eye cream and a facial oil and then using your gua sha as instructed above. The combination of the natural skincare products to lubricate your skin and the gentle pressure of the facial tools will really help to reduce your puffy eyes and to smooth out wrinkles.  

At what age should you start using an eye cream?

The time to start is now. If you are reading this that means you have concerns about your eye puffiness and wrinkles. Any age can benefit from an eye cream to help nourish and protect the delicate, sensitive skin around the eye. With all skincare protocols, prevention is key. 

What Ingredients Are Safe for the Eye Area?

You want ingredients that will do these important functions around the eye area:

Say Yes to ingredients that will:

  • Seal in moisture (i.e. squalane oil)
  • Fight free radicals (i.e. moringa oil)
  • Firm the skin (i.e. active botanicals)
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (i.e. orchid stem cells)

Say No to ingredients that:

  • Are made of heavy oil-based products made for other body parts
  • Have fragrances that will irritate your eyes 

I hope this important post has informed you how plant-based skincare can deliver bigger and better results than the commercial, chemical-laden drug store or mass marketed skincare products. 

These important reasons to use plant-based skincare are the reason I personally turned to natural skincare more than a decade ago and why I then went on to study organic skincare formulation. 

Pro-Aging Guide for Women over 40 by Clean Kiss

Learn more about Clean Kiss and Author Jodie Pappas. 

Jodie Pappas is the Founder and Skincare Formulator of Clean Kiss, which makes natural, clean skincare for womxn over 40 that promotes pro-aging beauty in mid-life.

Clean Kiss was founded by Family Natural Health Expert, Jodie Pappas, out of her own personal quest to find natural products for herself and her family that ACTUALLY worked. After first creating her signature natural deodorant, she went on to produce a full line of 100% plant based skincare and body products. 

Hypoallergenic, Cruelty-free, Vegan, No Petroleum-based ingredients, No Parabens, No Silicone, No Phthalates, No Toxins, No Fragrance, No Alcohol, No Plastic.

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