The Best Natural Skincare Ritual for Yogis - with new tips!

Another hot sweaty yoga class. Perhaps another day of having to quickly run straight from class to a meeting or to run errands. You know you should be taking better care of your skin, as you do your mind through your yoga practice, but are not sure quite what steps to be taking.  If you don't take the proper steps you can develop acne, rashes, ingrown hairs, and more. But a few simple steps before, during and after your practice can help to keep your skin looking gorgeous and glowing!

As a yogi or yogini, you know your skin can take a hard toll especially if you are doing a lot of hot yoga and daily yoga practice. Your skin needs to be given the same amount of conscious effort as your mind, muscles and nutritional needs both pre and post yoga practice.

Here is a play-by-play on how to treat your skin before, during and after a sweat sesh of yoga or at the gym with this skin regimen:


How to Prep Your Skin Before Yoga Practice

Don't go to the studio all made up pretty with makeup on like a superstar. You need to arrive clean-faced to allow your pores to breathe properly when you exercise and sweat.  Makeup will block your pores and you can get a breakout of acne and blackheads.  Leave your face clean and natural which is at its prettiest anyway!  

And of course it goes without saying to wear natural deodorant for your yoga practice sweat sesh that you have applied on clean skin and with clean clothing to look and smell your best.  I often shower before my workout that morning or the night before to start the workout fresh and clean. If you are sweaty person you may want to do the same to clean your sweaty armpits before you head out to workout. 

Not yet sold on making the switch to natural deodorant? 

Afraid it won't work right? If you find the right one, I promise you it will work for your body. Here are some facts you can read to help you understand why it is the MOST important switch you should be making for your body!  You are taking the time to keep your body and mind healthy through yoga, yet do you stop to think about what you are putting IN your body each time you use personal care products?


Hydration for the Nation! 

It also goes without saying that the key to great skin is hydration!!! So bring that water bottle with you to every practice and workout and be sure you are drinking lots before your workout to replenish what you will lose through sweat.  The experts say it is the water you consume the day BEFORE your hot yoga class that helps hydrate you the best! 

drink water to stay hydrated before hot yoga


How to Look After Your Skin During Your Practice

Do not touch your face! Ever! The bacteria on your hands from touching your yoga mat is off the charts and will definitely contribute to a breakout not to mention you have other people's DNA all over you. Yuck what a thought. When you touch your sweaty face and skin with open pores from being hot and sweaty, you are depositing that DNA right onto your own skin and potentially into your bloodstream. This may also lead to you getting sick with a virus you pick up unknowingly onto your hands. 

Instead use a fresh towel that you bring from home to lay down on your yoga mat and a separate one to wipe your own sweat off your face and to clean your hands. Use the sanitizer and wipes the gym or yoga studio provides to you to clean down the equipment both before and after use. Finally and this is best ~ bring your own yoga mat with you to yoga practice to be sure it is clean and free of germs and other people's DNA!  

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Most Importantly! How to Care for Your Skin After Your Yoga Practice

Ever get butt acne?! It happens. That's from sitting in sweaty yoga pants after you are done. Shower and change your clothes as soon as possible to prevent getting body acne and rashes. 

  1. In the shower, use a mild soap for your body and face that gently cleanses; do not scrub as it may cause additional irritation after your clothes have been rubbing against you. If you don't have time to shower right away at least change your clothes and use natural wipes to clean away the sweat. 
  1. Pat your skin dry - do not harshly rub it - and apply a natural body butter as soon as possible while still a bit damp. Try one with natural plant based butters and oils and essential oils that have anti-bacterial properties like lavender or lemon. 
  1. For your face, neck and décolleté be sure to tone and moisturize to restore your pH levels and keep your pores in check before you apply sunscreen and/or makeup.  You may also wish to apply a plant based serum to help protect and prevent aging from the elements if you have just done an outdoor workout especially. Our serum has rosehips seed oil in it to help eliminate dark sun spots and wrinkles and is a nice addition to the simple routine of cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. Having a good skincare routine will help to keep wrinkles, dryness and dark spots at bay.  

be sure to wash skin after yoga practice to avoid acne

And speaking of sunscreen, be sure to look for one with natural mineral-based ingredients with at least an SPF30. Apply liberally to your face, neck and décolletage even in the fall and winter months!

Here is a quick infographic to help you remember the steps to take to have a simple, yet effective natural skincare ritual for before, during and after your yoga practice. 

natural skincare ritual for yogis



So folks stay active and do so with great skincare in mind, not just thinking about your toned muscles and your namaste. 

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