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Do You No Poo? We Are Talking About Hair People!

July 16, 2019

Do You No Poo? We Are Talking About Hair People!

What is the No Poo Method?

The No Poo Method encourages you to wash your hair with just water or an all natural, gentle shampoo alternative that is safe for hair.  Note: Keep reading for some suggestions on natural shampoo alternatives to do the No Poo Method. 

Traditional shampoo strips the hairs' natural oils which causes the hair to become brittle and dry. This then triggers your hair to produce more sebum (oil), making your hair more oily and forcing you to wash it again. 

Using no shampoo may seem a little unusual to you. For some people, shampooing every other day is mandatory otherwise their hair feels and looks dirty.  


What is the Co-Washing Method?

Co-Washing is a little different although can be used as part of the No Poo Method for curly haired people.  With co-washing, you wash your hair with conditioner that is free of parabens, sulphates, and silicones instead of using shampoo. You wash it twice ~ once to release the dirt and oil from your roots and second to wash the ends and leave the conditioner in for soft curls. Co-washing is very popular with curly haired people as it needs more moisture from oils and water than straight haired types.  Want to learn about other Curly Hair Natural products that can help on your No-Poo and Co-Washing journey? Visit our website to read more about our Curly Hair products. 

Three Reasons To Switch To A Natural Shampoo! 

To Eliminate toxins 

Similar to why people make the switch to natural deodorants, the most common reason people decide to stop using shampoo is to cut out toxins. On average people wash their hair up three times a week, and each time you are being exposed to several different chemicals from sulfates, fragrance, parabens, and more. 

Visit for a list of shampoo brands and their toxic levels.

For Healthier hair 

Those who have switched over to the No Poo Method rave about how healthy, strong and luscious their hair looks and feels. There is a transition period as your sebaceous glands adjust and start producing normal oil levels, but it is so worth it for the health of your hair. Give it time and be patient!

More Environmentally friendly 

By not purchasing shampoo and conditioner products you’re limited the waste and stopping chemicals from going down the drain and back into the environments and reducing packaging waste from plastic bottles. 


Approaches to Try:

Everyone's hair is different and may need a different natural shampoo alternative. Here are some of the different natural alternatives to use instead of shampoo: 

  • Water only (this one is a tough sell though, not gonna lie)
  • Egg wash 
  • Apple cider vinegar (this feels good to rid of your product buildup and deep cleanse)
  • Bran flour 
  • Baking Soda (try using this before the ACV mentioned above)
  • Use a natural dry shampoo on in between days or after the gym (try cocoa powder, arrowroot powder, and essential oils of rosemary and peppermint).

Click here for more detailed information on going No-Poo.


Here's what to expect:

Since your scalp is detoxifying itself from chemicals and your sebaceous glands are used to daily washing with soap, your hair may be greasy for a while. Depending on how often you washed your hair, will determine the length of the transition period. Be patient and give your hair up to three months to adjust. It will be worth it. 




At Clean Kiss we are passionate about creating natural skincare and body products that you can feel good about using yourself, and for your whole family. 


From health-conscious, active mamas, to busy teenagers and dads, our customers love the experience of using our freshly-scenteproducts that not only leave your skin feeling amazing, but ACTUALLY work.


Clean Kiss was founded by Family Natural Health Expert, Jodie Pappas, out of her own personal quest to find natural products for herself and her family that ACTUALLY worked. After first creating her signature natural deodorant, she went on to produce a full line of skincare and body products. 


Each product is created in small batches using chemical-free formulations that have been recognized with several awards, has developed a loyal customer base of Clean Kissers, and has gained some international media attention by Business Insider, InStyle Magazine, The Toronto Sun, Breakfast TV Toronto, CHCH Hamilton, Global TV and more!


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