Natural Deodorant 101: Expert Advice on Detoxing and Other Myths

You may have decided it's time to make the switch to a natural deodorant after this trend has been sweeping Amazon, online store shelves and armpits now for almost a decade in a big way. And it isn't slowing down anytime soon.

But how on earth do people survive making the switch to natural deodorant?

You've heard the (horror) stories from friends and co-workers about how they tried a natural deodorant and had horrific body odour before noon that day! We all have heard them, maybe even lived them.

Or perhaps you heard about a friend that went through a "detox" process for a month and then they were fine with their switch to natural deodorant. 

Maybe you made the switch already during the global pandemic while working from home or maybe you are just plain resisting it because even at home alone you aren't willing to give up your trusted and true anti-perspirant in lieu of wicked body odour.

I get it. Change is hard. 

You are wondering if any of these things you've heard are true right? 

I am here to tell you that there can be truth to the horror stories of natural deodorants that don't work as you had hoped. But as a former "Clinical Strength" anti-perspirant user, those never worked for me either and I had the added joy of armpits on fire from the 20% aluminum that they contained and god only knows what those toxins did to my body on the inside.

Oh joy! What the heck was I thinking? 

That was the impetus for creating the very first test batch of natural deodorant before Clean Kiss was born in 2014. I was fed up with trying to find a natural deodorant that was aluminum-free, clean of toxins, and would actually stand up to my busy, sweaty and stinky lifestyle.

As a mom to three young daughters at the time when I formulated my very first natural deodorant, I knew it had to be great and safe not only for my body but also for their developing, pre-teen, hormonal bodies.

Myths De-Bunked!

In this blog article I will break down the TOP MYTHS of switching to natural deodorant and also share what you can REALLY expect when you do switch to natural deodorants away from your trusted anti-perspirants.

Let's break down these myths that proliferate the natural deodorant market.

Myth #1: "The Detox"

I get asked all the time by newbies if they will go through a nasty, stinky detox process when they make the switch. This may or may not be true for your body when you start using natural deodorant for the first time. Your sweat glands and armpits may need some time to adjust.

But this isn't necessarily true for ALL bodies. 

Personally I didn't go through any detox phase when I made the switch but it did take some time to learn how much I needed to use, how to apply it for success, and to trust that I wouldn't stink!

I also learned which brands worked and which ones didn't pretty quickly! Natural deodorant sticks never worked, neither did the "stone". The only ones that worked were in a jar and a cream format that you apply with your finger to rub into your armpit.

No surprise then that is how I formulated the Clean Kiss award-winning deodorant that is still our flagship product. Here is our natural deodorant line-up below in our latest and greatest sustainable glass jars.

natural deodorant

In my expert opinion, there could be a whole lot of factors to consider here on whether you will or won't have a tough "detox" transition.

Factors to consider for the "detox" are:

  • how clean your lifestyle is or isn't in terms of toxic load from your nutrition as well as your personal care products
  • are you in a hormonally-challenged phase of life (puberty or menopause)?
  • what are your hygiene habits (do you bathe daily)?
  • have you tried a few natural deodorants to see which ingredients work best for you? (they are not all created equal!)

Just like any big life change, it may require you to adopt new habits such as using your finger to rub the cream deodorant into your armpit. Take this as a positive time to do some self-care as you massage the area, check your lymph nodes for lumps, and just breathe. What's the rush anyway!???

The benefits of switching to natural deodorant are huge!

No body odour smell, your body can still sweat (this is healthy!) without being dripping wet, and safe, toxin-free ingredients that really work through your hot sweaty workout or yoga practice. 

That is all something you can feel great about. Especially in this delicate area of your armpit that contains so many lymph nodes that control your immune function and health. You don't want to mess with your lymphatic system!

Bottom line on "The Detox":

You may not need a detox period at all!

If you do, this adjustment period can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and, in some cases, can come with a few irritating side effects. If you are finding that after a few weeks the natural deodorant you are using just isn't working to keep you fresh, then ditch it and try a new scent or a new brand.

Life is too short for body odour!

 Natural deodorant keeps you odour free through sweaty activitiesMyth #2: Sweat is Bad

Whomever invented aluminum-based deodorant and told humans that sweating is a bad thing, has misled and harmed many people for the past century. In fact, the first ever anti-perspirant launched in 1903 and convinced generations of people that sweating is a bad thing and something to be ashamed of. 

Shame on them actually! 

Sweating is not only a good thing, it is a requirement in order to have a healthy body that eliminates toxins on its own through the sweat glands and the autonomic nervous system. 

The body cannot control sweating. 

Medline says this: "Sweating is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system that is not under your control. Sweating is the body's natural way of regulating temperature."

While many people don't want to get those dreaded "pit stains" on their clothes, especially when wearing dress shirts, know that your body is doing a good thing to keep you healthy and to eliminate waste toxins through the sweat. 

Does natural deodorant control sweating at all?

Sure it can! Remember not all deodorants are created equally so it depends on the ingredients that work best for your body. In our natural deodorant, we formulate with only clean and safe ingredients that DO control body wetness through sweat.

Some of these 100% natural ingredients are kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, baking soda and cornstarch.  Additionally, some of ours also include prebiotics and magnesium hydroxide which also absorb the sweat, without blocking or stopping it, and charcoal to give additional super strength protection from body odour.

powders to help absorb sweat in natural deodorant 

Myth #3: "Aluminum-Free" Means Natural 

Just because it is aluminum-free doesn't mean it is natural and safe!

There are many mass manufacturers that jumped on the indie beauty, small batch natural deodorant train in order to bring a commercially prepared (often in stick format) "natural" deodorant to market by removing the aluminum. But that doesn't cut it to qualify as "natural" sadly. This is called green-washing. 

You should be concerned if you're using one of these because many of them still contain "fragrance" which is a xenoestrogen and causes hormonal disruption in your body or your developing teens' body.  

The same is true just because it has some natural plant extracts in it, doesn't make it a clean skincare product. 

Sure, many mass manufacturers are now included some plant based ingredients in their formulations but that doesn't make it a safe, plant based skincare product that is free of toxins. They may still be using phthalates, sulfates (SLS), triclosan, GMO ingredients, animal products vs vegan ingredients, PEGs, petroleum, and more. Scary isn't it!

Here's another case in point: What plant in our universe grew the “shower fresh scent” that you’ve used for years that looks like and markets itself as a "natural deodorant".

Anti-perspirant vs deodorantMyth #4:  It needs to be a stick to work!

Just like #2 about sweating, the original manufacturers of anti-perspirants created them in stick format because people were unsure how to use their finger to apply it. Like anything, when you have been doing something a certain way your whole life, changing to a new (better) method can be daunting. 

Here's how simple it is to use a cream-based natural deodorant. 

How to apply a cream natural deodorant

How to use cream natural deodorant

What If I Get a Rash from my Deodorant? 

If you’ve ever experienced an underarm rash or irritation from natural deodorant, here’s some reasons why and 5 easy steps to fix it

Some final tips to help you make the switch!

Here are some tips to help make the transition to natural deodorant even more smooth…

  • Drink more water to support the transition process (suggest 2L/day).
  • Start dry brushing to stimulate lymph flow + flush out toxins.
  • Stop using an anti-bacterial soap (with triclosan) and allow your pits to balance their own healthy bacteria.
  • Eliminating processed and refined foods, eating lots of leafy green vegetables and getting regular exercise can help support the transition process and promote balanced pits – and better B.O.!
  • Get a massage. The perfect excuse to book a spa appointment!  
  • DIY Underarm Detox: Applying a DIY detox paste has been beneficial for so many people as they have transitioned from traditional deodorants to a natural alternative.
    • While excess sweat and smell may be an inevitable part of the initial pit detox, this simple DIY Detox Pit Paste can help minimize odour, painful rashes and sweat!
    • Mix 1 tablespoon of our Pure Kisses Face Mask (with detoxifying bentonite clay), 1/8 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar, 1-2 teaspoon purified water and apply thin layer to each pit for about 5-20 minutes (depending on how your skin responds). Apply daily for up to 2 weeks – or until your pits are detoxed, smooth and odour free.

 Pure Kisses Clean Kiss Detox Face Mask


The bottom line on these TOP NATURAL DEODORANT MYTHS

The benefits of making the switch to natural deodorant far outweigh the challenges you MAY or MAY NOT encounter. No two bodies are alike and thus even if your bestie went through a "detox" transition, it doesn't mean that you will. 

From our expert opinion as the formulator of award-winning natural deodorant that has converted many to make the switch to natural deodorant, we have heard all of these myths and questions since 2014. 

⇨You don't need to put toxins in your body any longer in order to stop from smelling. 

⇨You don't need a stick format in order to use natural deodorant. In fact, in our opinion a cream-based format that you apply with your finger is far superior for efficacy and for your health!

Watch this video for the explanation for all your visual folks.


Benefits of using natural deodorant

But, does natural deodorant work?! 

Don't just take our word for it. You wanna know if it really works right! 

what our community says about natural deodorant


About the Author: Jodie Pappas

Jodie Pappas is the Founder and Skincare Formulator of the Canadian-made, plant-based skincare brand Clean Kiss. Jodie creates clean, natural skincare products for women to feel confident and glowing in their skin, without the use of any harmful toxins.

Jodie is a Certified Organic Skincare Formulator, a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner (CNAP) and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She believes that beautiful pro-aging skin is available for every woman and uses a holistic lifestyle approach to educate and inspire. 

Jodie has been featured on Global TV Morning, CHCH Morning, CityTV's Breakfast Television, Rogers TV and various radio stations across the country. 

You can work with Jodie in her Holistic Nutrition practice Soma and Soul Nutrition, where she focuses mainly on skin issues such as acne, eczema, and aging skin prevention using a non-restrictive approach that incorporates natural skincare, healthy lifestyle habits and movement through yoga and pilates. 

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