Is Your Skin Getting the Health Benefits of the Sea Every Day?

As a woman in midlife, you want to be making the healthiest choices possible when it comes to what you put ON and IN your body. Quality really does matter. 

Choosing toxin-free, clean and natural skincare is one of the first steps to take to ensure your health and longevity in midlife. Making the choice of clean skincare products can help to ensure that you do not get any side effects such as hormonal disruption (from xenoestrogenic toxins), any topical skin issues such as skin rashes, or irritation, or more severe symptoms such as headaches, nausea, fertility issues, or other known effects from toxic ingredients. 

For a complete list of toxins to avoid on your ingredient lists, check out the Hazard List by

It is important to note that even some natural, organic and clean skincare products may cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in your body or on your skin. Just because a product is free of toxic ingredients, it may still not be right for you. Just like some healthy foods cause allergic reactions to some people. Always consult with your doctor or a dermatologist if you have a reaction to anything you use on your skin.  


At Clean Kiss, we are all about creating Clean at First Sight SkincareTM for women 40+ that want to celebrate their natural beauty and embrace radical acceptance for pro-aging, in a healthy way.  

We formulate our natural, plant-based skincare with these 4 pillars as top of mind: Up to 3x fewer ingredients; Simple One Shot Comprehension; Higher Power, Higher Concentration; Ideal Skin Nourishment.

We know that women are busy living their life and just want to free up their time and mind, knowing they are using clean skincare products that promote their health.

Our natural skincare products for women are what we call the Clean Ten. 

 Clean Kiss Choose Clean Ten natural skincare for women


We know that skin health comes from within. There is no magic potion in a bottle that will give you the glowing skin you crave. That's why we are all about the synergy of our high-quality skincare products paired with health supplements to unlock your skin’s potential.


One of our most revered ways of unlocking our own skin's potential is with the use of marine ingredients in both our topical natural skincare and in ingestible products. With that in mind, we want to introduce you to Bend Beauty. We discovered Bend Beauty by virtue of being two proudly Canadian brands who share a mutual love of marine ingredients in skincare products.


As a brand, Bend Beauty is also aligned with our pro-aging stance on celebrating beauty at every age. There are many benefits to consuming and applying marine-based skincare products to your skin. We’re recommending you try out this unbeatable combination by pairing a daily dose of Bend Beauty's Marine Collagen + Co-Factors with using our new Kisses by the Sea facial scrub two to three times a week. 

"I am a longtime fan of Bend Beauty's Marine Collagen + Co-Factors and I am well-versed in the benefits of internal consumption of high quality and sustainably-sourced marine products", says Jodie, the Founder of Clean Kiss. "That's why I wanted to add a topical marine ingredient-based product to the Clean Kiss line".


Clean Kiss Kisses by the Sea Sea Algae Face Scrub


The sea algae used in Kisses by the Sea Facial Scrub comes from organic seaweed powder which is a rich source of vitamins including vitamins B12 (not found in land plants), vitamin E, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and other nutrients. 

The results of pairing what we put inside + what put on outside = pure magic


Shop Clean Kiss “Kisses by the Sea” Facial Scrub now.


Clean Kiss Kisses by the Sea sea algae face scrub for purification


About Jodie Pappas ~  Founder, Clean Kiss:

If you want more Pro-Aging Tips for Women Over 40, Jodie can help you. Jodie is a Plant-Based Skincare Formulator, Founder of Clean Kiss,  a Published Author, a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), and soon to be a Certified Aesthetics Nutrition Practitioner (CNAP). Jodie has seen first-hand how a healthy, balanced lifestyle contributes to healthy aging, and happy skin and hair in midlife. 


Learn more about Clean Kiss. 

Clean Kiss makes natural, clean skincare for women over 40 that promotes pro-aging beauty and radical acceptance of the beautiful aging process, in mid-life.

Clean Kiss was founded by Family Natural Health Expert, Jodie Pappas, out of her own personal quest to find natural products for herself and her family that ACTUALLY worked. After first creating her signature natural deodorant, she went on to produce a full line of 100% plant based skincare and body products. 

Hypoallergenic, Cruelty-free, Vegan, No Petroleum-based ingredients, No Parabens, No Silicone, No Phthalates, No Toxins, No Fragrance, No Alcohol, No Plastic.

Each product is created in small batches using chemical-free formulations that have been recognized with several awards, has developed a loyal customer base of Clean Kissers, and has gained some international media attention by Business Insider, InStyle Magazine, The Toronto Sun, Breakfast TV Toronto, CHCH Hamilton, Global TV and more!

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