5 Clean Skincare Trends that will Make You Glow

After much of our own research and polling all the experts' reports in skincare, we have summed up the 2020 clean skincare and beauty trends for the everyday woman, not the LA-fame type of Kardashian women, but just the every day yoga-going, Lululemon wearing, doing it all and owning it, kinda woman. 

We have summed up these beauty trends of spring 2020 and also feel these will be relevant for the whole of the year, and maybe even intensifying throughout this whole decade to come. These five simple and clean beauty trends really may just be the future of skincare as women seek to find more simple, clean and natural ways to bring their natural beauty to a new level of radiance through self-ritualized practices that are done at home, rather than paying for expensive treatments at the derm or cosmetic enhancement centre! People are craving simple, uncomplicated, meaning in their lives. After all, our skin is a true reflection of our overall health. It is the mirror of your soul to the world. It shows the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of what's going on inside (read: gut health, stress, hormones, etc.).

Skincare Trend 1: Eco-consciousness 

It's no longer enough to just worry about what toxins you are putting on your own body. We all need to develop a greater eco-consciousness of the impact your skincare products are having on the environment. Think bigger picture. For example, more and more countries are banning sunscreen that are non-biodegradable because of the harmful effects it has on the oceans and coral reefs. As if it wasn't enough to just worry about the harm these mainstream sunscreens did to your own skin, now these countries are proactively helping you make better choices when you travel there. Helpful for those that haven't yet tuned into the toxin crisis we face in our own bathroom!

Earth friendly skincare

In addition to sunscreen, think about the chemicals that you wash down the drain and that pollutes our water systems. In past years there was a big focus on facial scrubs with microbeeds that contained plastic particles that harmed the earth, but what about other chemicals that wash down the drain? Triclosan, found in anti-bacterial soaps, is another one. Silicones, found in hair products and body products, damage the soil, waterways, and more. And my personal major pet peeve, synthetic fragrances, get into our water because water treatment plants can't break them down. We need to stop assuming it is someone else's problem and start owning the earth impact of the products that cause it harm.  Want to learn more about how to clean up your skincare for the earth's sake

Skincare Trend 2: Simple & Transparent

Natural deodorant simple and transparent Clean KissMore and more women and men are seeking out simple & transparent skincare that will make them glow and radiate health.  They want plant-based ingredients that they can pronounce, that they can see easily through transparent packaging, and of course natural ingredients that work (hello, here's to natural deodorant that leaves you smelling fresh instead of funky!). 

In addition to simple and transparent ingredients, people are looking for simple and natural methods to improve their skin's appearance and achieve a healthy glow through fewer invasive cosmetic procedures and treatments and more natural enhancements through nutrition (i.e. high quality collagen supplements), effective self-massage at home using eco-friendly facial massage rollers, facial brushes and gua sha. In 2019, natural curls got their glory and this trend will continue as women turn to natural styles and put away their flat irons and botox needles in exchange for more self-love and acceptance of their body. 

Rose quartz facial massage roller clean kiss serum

Skincare Trend 3: Spiritual Skincare

Every woman nowadays, and we have found many men also, are seeking a deeper spiritual connection to this earth. They are seeking to make their lives more meaningful. To leave a meaningful legacy. To connect their body, mind and soul and even to heal past trauma, to heal their body aches and pains (the mind-body connection from Dr. Sarno), and to heal from mental illness.  As for how skincare trends relate, we see this translating to what happens in your bathroom, your personal spa sanctuary. 

We are also seeing an incredible and powerful body acceptance movement at all sizes, ages, colours, genders. We love to see skincare and beauty that promotes this inclusivity and the celebration of all bodies and supporting the healthy pro-aging movement, of which we are huge supporters! 

Skincare Trend 4: Ritualized Skincare

One such way we see this spirituality manifest in skincare is by creating a skincare ritual. Rituals are created through using mind-body connection tools of jade and rose quartz to connect your skincare ritual to your chakras and clear stagnant energy that doesn't serve you.

SElf loveA ritual doesn't mean complicated, it can still remain simple but this kind of ritual is about taking time to show yourself love and compassion.  To stop rushing through the motions as quickly as you can to get yourself into bed or onto to the next task on your lengthy list. Mental health issues are at an all time high because our society is so focussed on multi-tasking, rushing around all stressed out. All. The. Time. Your skin shows the signs of stress and so taking the time to show your face some love in a mindful, ritualized way which pay you back with gorgeous de-stressed, glowing skin. 

Try this self-love ritual: Every single day, starting today, look yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself about one feature you love about your face instead of criticizing your wrinkles, sun damage, nose, chubby cheeks, and so on. 


Want some tunes to accompany your self-love ritual and really get into the moment? Check out this Spotify playlist we love all about Self-Love!

Here's another self-love exercise to try: Take notice by becoming hyper aware of your negative thoughts that surface throughout the day. How many times per day, or per hour even, do you tell yourself that you are not attractive, too heavy, aging, too stupid, too ____________ (fill in this blank)??? I tried this and realized that several times every hour (yes that's right!) I feel my body is too fat and flabby and that I think about food choices and exercise to make it feel better. That's a lot of time spent on negative thoughts!!! More on this obsession in another blog :) 

The point here being, make your health and your skin a priority in your life that you treat as "me time" to love yourself and feed your mind with positivity instead of negativity that deplete your energy and spirit.

Skincare Trend 5: "Skintelligence"











I wish I came up with that title myself, but can't take credit. I do love the connotation however that consumers are educated and aware.  After all, you know your skin is your largest organ!!! Therefore we love that consumers are getting educated about their own personalized skincare needs and also about reading labels!  More and more I get asked about the sourcing of the ingredients that we use, whether we are cruelty-free, vegan, about our sustainability practices, and why we chose the ingredients in our natural skincare products. We love getting these questions and encourage everyone to take a more active role to advocate for their health and demand answers to their questions. Your health depends on it!"Ninety-three percent of consumers are actually reading reviews before making a purchase, and we find that is especially true in skin-care," says Elizabeth Scherle, the president and co-founder of Influenster, a product discovery and review platform for consumers with more than 5 million active members.

"There is a powerful community of 'skintelligent' consumers who are not only skin-care savvy and highly informed about products and ingredients, but are shaping the market," says Theresa Yee, Senior Beauty Editor of trend forecasting company WGSN. "This new generation of powerful 'skinfluencers' know what they want and need from their skincare products — they are super inquisitive and will investigate, research and educate themselves on the ingredients before they make a purchasing decision and also share their knowledge on their social channels.Future of skincare: is it going down under? 

Future of natural personal care down under?

We want to know your thoughts on this ummm burning question: Is natural vaginal personal care growing in popularity? Do you want more natural products that promote healthy balance, hormonal changes (uggh vaginal dryness in peri & menopausal women sucks!), odour control, and more?  Please comment below and let us know if this is of interest to you! 


Want to know more about Clean Kiss? 

At Clean Kiss we are passionate about creating Clean at First Sight natural skincare that you can feel good about using yourself, and for your whole family. 

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Clean Kiss was founded by Family Natural Health Expert, Jodie Pappas, out of her own personal quest to find natural products for herself and her family that ACTUALLY worked. After first creating her signature natural deodorant, she went on to produce a full line of skincare and body products. 

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