Ready for a sunny getaway or outdoor adventure at the beach? Camping? Rollerblading? Bring it on!


Whatever your outdoor passion is ~ we have you covered with our easy, "On the Go" Summer Fun Bundle of All Natural Hair, Face and Body Care!


Not only do you need to pack up all of your shorts and bathing suits for your upcoming sunny destination getaway, you also need to get your face, body and hair (often overlooked!) all ready for every stage of sun exposure.


Fun in the Sun Product Bundle!


Here are some things you need to start doing right after you book that airplane ticket!



(1) 30 Days Before

Dry brush for 5 minutes before showering each day, exfoliate with a body polish 2-3 times a week in the shower or bath, and top it off by moisturizing with an emollient body butter every day or twice a day if very dry skin.



(2) During Sun Exposure

Think Face, Ears, Lips, Hair & Body!

Ensure you’re using a good, clean & natural sun protection of 60 SPF applied 30 minutes before sun exposure to all of your skin that will be exposed (don't forget your ears, lips, eyelids too!). Check out Think Dirty and Leaping Bunny for some clean sunscreen suggestions.


Don't neglect your hair while swimming in the pool or lounging in the sun! I am definitely guilty of this one and my hairdresser reminds me often to take good care of my hair while on vacation.    For hair, try slathering on our Coconut Kisses Replenishing Hair Mask to protect your locks and colour from fading, sun damage, chlorine damage and more. Comb through the hair mask or another good conditioning treatment from roots to ends, tie it up or put a hat on, and keep it on for the day while exposed to the sun.  You will get a great deep conditioning treatment and protection from the harmful UV rays. Our Hair Mask contains coconut oil and shea butter, both of which contain natural SPF to help provide protection.  


For your lips, look for a lip balm with SPF and be sure to apply your face sunscreen to your lips, eyelids and ears too. 



(3) Soothing Sun-Kissed Skin!

Ensure you are using a gentle body wash or soap in the shower to get all the sunscreen off, and apply body butter at least twice a day to calm the body (Make That Kiss Last contains lavender and vanilla which is a great way to soothe sun-kissed or irritated skin).


For your face, ensure you use something to calm your exposed skin such as our Rose Chamomile Face Tonic, followed by the Youthful Kisses Anti-Aging Serum and Anti-Aging Daytime Moisturizer (which contains a natural 30 SPF from ingredients such as Red Raspberry Seed Oil and other anti-aging ingredients) and at night use our Replenishing Avocado Night Cream.


And since hats are so fun and on trend, be sure to find yourself a great straw or floppy hat, a great book to pass the time and chill out, and find yourself a great insulated water bottle to take along (I always throw one in my suitcase to stay hydrated while on vacation).  


Enjoy and stay safe while having fun in the sun! You deserve it, sunshine. 




The "Fun in the Sun" care package to get you on your way!

Make That Kiss Last Boddy Butter, Sweet Creamsicle Kisses lip balm, Youthful Kisses Anti-Aging Daycream (contains natural SPF), and Coconut Kisses Replenishing Hair Mask ~ all for just $68.00 (retail value $84.00).



leaping bunny certified

Leaping Bunny Certified