Are commercial perfumes really that bad? Here's what you need to know:

1. Over 60% of what is applied to your skin is absorbed into the blood stream.
2. 95% of chemicals in most commercial fragrances and perfumes are synthetics compounds made from petroleum and natural gases, which are toxic to our body.
3. Anywhere between 80%-100% of a formula in commercial fragrances are made of these synthetic ingredients.
4. There are 3 ways your body can “absorb” these chemicals: direct application to the skin, contact with fragranced items (picking up the bottle or shaking hands), inhaling chemicals in the environment.
5. Environmental Working Group (EWG) researchers found more than 75 percent of products listing the ingredient “fragrance” contained phthalates (THAL-ates) which have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts, and cause reproductive malformation and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Furthermore, there is evidence linking fetal exposure to ADHD, autism, and neurological disorders.

      Why Natural Fragrances are Better:

      • Using natural fragrances made out of essential oils not only smell wonderful (much better than the unnatural chemical smells of most fragrances), but they also have incredible health and therapeutic benefits.
      • Rose: Natural mood enhancer, reduces anger, anxiety and has been known to engender feelings of well-being and happiness.
      • Lavender: Reduces anxiety and emotional stress, improves sleep and is a powerful antioxidant. It is used to reduce acne, improve eczema and psoriasis, and other skin conditions while alleviating headaches.
      • Vanilla: Anti-depressant properties aids in lifting moods. Helps to reduce inflammation and protects against free-radicals and infection. Also known to be an aphrodisiac!


      Our new body fragrance can be sprayed on as a perfume or rubbed on the skin as a moisturizer. The fragrance itself is light, but its effects on the skin and body can be life-changing.

      The properties of each ingredient within the natural fragrance spray can have incredible effects on neutralizing skin reactions and uplift negative moods. 


      Introducing our NEW Sensual Kisses Lavender Body Spray. It is a heavenly and sweet scented, light moisturizing body spray infused with French lavender essential oil and a hint of vanilla and rose ~ all natural, from the earth organically. So you know it’s safe. Use it with your favourite lavender or vanilla body butter and natural deodorant or simply spray it all over in place of body moisturizer.


      Featured here is our NEW Sensual Lavender Kisses body spray

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