How Shoppers Drug Mart is Getting More Green and Clean

A few years ago I published a blog post about how I had to break up with Shoppers Drug Mart (here you can substitute the name of any large drug store chain, not to pick on Shoppers Drug Mart specifically!) because it no longer fit my personal values of using only 100% natural and organic products on my body, face and hair.  I also shared that I had created my own company of natural beauty and personal care products in order to find products that I knew were safe and effective at the same time rather than using chemical-laden mass produced products.


Below is an excerpt from that original blog post and I urge you to read on for the sequel ~ "How Shoppers Drug Mart is Getting More Green and Clean" which shares my thoughts on how they have made some good strides in meeting some of the values of the natural beauty community. 


Original Blog Post Excerpt from 2015: 


"...I fell in love with all natural body products that are more artisanal in nature and use only real ingredients. Then I realized that I can make my VERY OWN Shoppers Drug Mart whenever I have an idea for a new product. And this is how it goes...I am sitting doing work, making my lunch for work the next day, reading a magazine, checking out pinterest, etc....and all of a sudden bam! A brilliant idea hits me and I start pulling out the coconut oil, grapeseed oil, essential oils, zesting lemons, chopping up lemongrass, and looking like a mad scientist in my kitchen while I mix it up over a hot stove.  This is a common occurence in my house.


My children come and check out my newest creation, give it a sniff and play the "guess what essential oil is in this" game. And on and on this game goes.  They have actually realized that the chemistry classes they have to take in high school may come in handy one day, as will business 101 classes, as I suspect they too will have this entrepreneurial affliction hit them one day.


So this is now my reality...the other day I had some time to kill and since I had already reached my one Starbucks coffee limit, I found myself pulling into Shoppers Drug Mart for some entertainment and guilty pleasure.  But I had no list of things to buy. I felt sad and lost as I wandered the aisles all alone.  It was a 5x points day and I had nothing, nothing, nothing to show for it.  This has never happened to me before. Then it hit me, I may need to just come to terms with the fact that I have changed. For the better I think. It happens. It's nobody's fault. Nobody to blame. People just grow apart and discover different passions as they age.


Bottom line, Shoppers let's still be friends.  It's not you, it's me."

Ok so fast forward three years later to 2018 and the aisles at Shoppers Drug Mart have come a very long way. They are still full of chemical laden, mass produced products that don't fit my health or ethical values of being clean to use on your body, but they are now offering a few more "natural" paraben-free, non GMO, chemical free products here and there.


The bottom line however is that the brands that are available and sold through Shoppers Drug Mart are still mass produced, not artisan handcrafted or locally made and in many ways they are "greenwashing" consumers into thinking they are naturally derived.  I would still always choose handmade and locally sourced, manufactured products. Want to know why? When you know that someone personally oversaw the sourcing from reputable and high grade manufacturers of raw ingredients (i.e. Shea butter from sustainable farms in Ghana that support education of women for example) and packaging that is bio-degradable and eco friendly, and finally a company that gives back to a local cause in their community such as homelessness.  Those are qualities you will be hard pressed to find in a mass produced product line.  Not to mention the support of the local economy by supporting an artisan that pours their heart and soul into making their handicraft, in this case a natural beauty product that you can also lovingly use on your body knowing you are doing your body good.  


So sorry Shoppers I will still choose to find a local handmade natural product before I fall back into the throws of mass produced beauty with a pretty green flowery label.  



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We create 100% Natural and Organic, Canadian artisan handcrafted products that are simple and pure for your body, face, hair and home. Our specialty is anti-aging premium skincare, all natural deodorant, and products for curly hair.  


We are 100% Vegan, GMO free, Gluten Free (and free of all unnecessary garbage!) and Leaping Bunny Certified (meaning we never test on animals and neither do our suppliers).  We also proudly give a portion of our sales to help homeless women and their children to get back on track with housing, education, and financial support. 


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