Pro-Aging Freedom: 8 Weeks to Radical Acceptance Course

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Want to Feel GOOD in your body again?

Are you a woman in your 40’s ready to feel good in your body?

Tired of feeling depressed that you are aging and don't feel the same as in your 20's?

Then you are in the right place.

You won’t find any “anti-aging” rhetoric or “turning back the clock” promises here. Nor will you find any “weight loss promises”. This is about truly embracing who you are at your current stage of life through a “pro-aging” approach that is different from other programs. It is called Radical Acceptance.

This 8-Week Intensive Pro-Aging Program will have you diving deeply into the health science and facts from experts in natural skincare, optimal skin nutrition, intuitive eating and movement, stress reduction, healthy sleep hygiene, hormones in (peri)menopause, yoga and meditation, so that you can find your Pro-Aging Freedom.

There are 4 main pillars: MIND, BODY, SKINCARE, NUTRITION

What To Expect:

  • Learn a new pro-aging mindset that will set you FREE! 
  • Learn a different approach to nutrition (intuitive eating = food freedom) that doesn't involve dieting, restricting or feeling miserable
  • Get your own unique skin health plan to address your unique midlife skin challenges
  • Teaching you how to best move your body (yoga + fitness plans)
  • Getting expert tips to help you get better sleep
  • Teaching you how to manage your hormones better, from a Menopause expert
  • Showing you real + simple techniques to manage your stress successfully
  • And so much more!
What You’ll Get:


  • 8 Modules over 8 Weeks
  • Weekly Virtual Live Group Lesson 1:1
  • Virtual Lifestyle Coaching (3 sessions included)
  • Complete Workbook of Pro-Aging Education, Nutrition, Recipes, and more
  • Private Facebook Community Access Expert Health Guests to share their pro-aging education, tips and advice
  • Access to materials, guest videos, articles for 1 year
  • Clean Kiss discount of 15% Off natural skincare products for 6 months
  • Radical Acceptance + A Pro-Aging Mindset: PRICELESS!!!

What does the 8-Week Program Cover?

Week 1: Introduction to Pro-Aging Mindset, Goals + Intention Setting

  • Why You Need to Prioritize Your Health in your 40s+
  • Genetics vs. Epigenetic Influences on your Pro-Aging Health
  • Tips to Use an Integrative Approach including Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Skincare, Mindfulness, Movement
  • Goals + Intention Setting for Your Pro-Aging Transformation

Week 2: Body Positivity + Intuitive Eating 

  • How to find your own positive mindset about your changing body
  • Why radical acceptance of your body will change your life
  • The 10 steps to Intuitive Eating
  • Tips for truly listening to and honouring your body

Week 3: Intuitive Movement for Mental Health

  • The Science behind mental health and using movement as therapy
  • Tips how to get started with movement 
  • How to honour the gift of movement for your body
  • How to break the cycle of using exercise as punishment
  • A Pro-Aging Yoga Practice to try at home

Week 4: Designing Your Pro-Aging Life

  • How to design your own pro-aging transformation
  • Simple stress reduction techniques for every day
  • Choosing your Circle of 5: positive influences in your life
  • Why the Blue Zones have it right

Week 5: Choosing What Goes ON Your Pro-Aging Body

  • Learn about what skincare products are safe or not
  • How to help your teens make better choices
  • Learn how to read a product ingredient label
  • The side effects of toxic ingredients

Week 6: Balancing what goes IN Your Pro-Aging Body

  • Using Intuitive Eating to break free from "good" vs "bad" diet rules 
  • The link between your gut health and your skin
  • How to eat holistic, nutritious foods for pro-aging skin health
  • Addressing any skin challenges through nutrition balance
  • Simple meals for pro-aging health
  • The top nutrients + superfoods your pro-aging skin needs
  • Understanding your Individual Constitution (Dosha~ Ayurveda)

Week 7: Treating Your Pro-Aging Face the Right Way

  • Caring for your skin: skincare rituals
  • Facial Yoga, Workouts + Treatments for at home
  • Using Facial Tools to sculpt + tone facial muscles
  • At home DIY recipes for masks, acne, rashes, and more

Week 8: Sleep, Stress & Hormones in (Peri)Menopause

  • Good Sleep Hygiene and why sleep impacts your Pro-Aging health and skin
  • Techniques for managing every day stress
  • Your changing hormones in midlife: what to expect, how to handle them, and ways to improve the pro-aging journey

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