Deodorant 5g Mini Trial Singles

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Want to try out a 5g sample of our natural deodorant to see which is your favourite? Now you can choose one or a few to try before you buy a full size!

Buy INDIVIDUAL Deodorant 5g samples in the following scents:

Cedarwood Vetiver (Kiss the Earth) - sold out

Citrus Patchouli (Pucker Up) - sold out

Fresh Lemon (Lemon Pie Kisses~with added prebiotics & magnesium hydroxide) - sold out

Grapefruit Rosemary Baking Soda Free (Sweetie Tart Kisses)

Lavender Peppermint (Make that Kiss Last)

Lemongrass Bergamot (Kiss that Hottie)

Moroccan Chamomile (Blue Sky Kisses Baking Soda Free~with added prebiotics & magnesium hydroxide

Orange Vanilla (Sweet Creamsicle Kisses)

Spicy Vanilla Chai (Chai to Kiss Me ~ Super Strength with charcoal, prebiotics & magnesium hydroxide)

Unscented (Simple Kisses)

*For full ingredient listing please see product description for each under full-sized deodorant.