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Are you a woman in your 40’s ready to feel good in your body? Then you are in the right place.

You won’t find any “anti-aging” rhetoric or “turning back the clock” promises here. Nor will you find any “weight loss promises”. This is about truly embracing who you are at your current stage of life through a “pro-aging” approach that is different from other programs. It is called Radical Acceptance.

Can you really move into radical acceptance in 8 weeks? ABSOLUTELY!

This 8-Week Intensive Program will walk you through the science from experts in natural skincare, nutrition, movement, stress reduction, intuitive eating, sleep habits, hormones in (peri) menopause. Through your learning and self-reflection, and access to a community of like-minded women, you will be given the tools to transform your mindset and incorporate new habits. You will feel a newfound sense of freedom and level of comfort in your body and skin that you haven’t felt in years, or maybe ever. Best of all, you will finally feel a sense of inner peace and be free to enjoy your life at whatever age you are. Doesn’t that sound nice?

“The average woman spends a staggering 17 years of her life on a diet. Only to regain her body weight back 9 times over.”

Here’s Why Women Get It Wrong

You Can’t Hate Yourself into Creating a Body You Love. Science has proven that when you shift your mindset and free your mind from the nagging thoughts that your aging body is “wrong” or broken, a new healthy mindset emerges that supports your body to its healthiest state, in a way that feels almost magical. This is the power of the positive mind. This is Radical Acceptance.

Radical Acceptance does not mean Complacency.

Acceptance does not mean throwing in the towel. As a woman in midlife, I know too well the challenges of wanting to feel good in my aging skin and body. I had struggled for over 20 years with the changes of motherhood, raising kids, seeing my body change and wishing I could go back in time. It led to unhealthy habits (ironically all while trying to be healthier) and a mind that was obsessed with a poor body image and feeling trapped inside my own food rules and unhappiness. Once you understand the science driving what your body needs physically and mentally, you will find Radical Acceptance.

Perfectionism is linked to a higher risk of illness, both physical and mental. Freedom from perfectionism (aka radical acceptance) is the key to living a longer, healthier life.

I had spent thousands of wasted dollars on failed diets and miracle-claiming body + skin treatments in pursuit of the “perfect” body. Not to mention the time and mental energy spent trying to regain my youth. These things didn’t work. They never do. These are gimmicks that make us unhappier with getting older. We all need to be ok with being perfectly imperfect and I will guide you through this. 

You think “What’s the use anyway now that I’m over 40?”

I finally realized that the freedom to accept my changing body was right inside of me all along. I kept doing the same things over and over and expecting different results (sounds like insanity right?!). Then I shifted to take a different approach and it changed my life. No more diets. No more “anti-aging” self-talk. I ditched the perfectionist thinking. Now I celebrate my body every day and I can teach you how to do the same.

You think you are alone in their journey.

You are not alone. You will be part of a community of like-minded women both in our live weekly group coaching sessions and in our private facebook group. Both will be a safe space to explore our midlife challenges, to support each other, and to find our freedom together. 


So…It’s Decision Time.

  • You want to trust your body again with food. 
  • You want to know what to eat to get radiant beauty, inside and out.
  • You want to feel happiness and freedom in your body.
  • You want to radically accept the aging process, instead of fighting it.
  • You want to let go of obsessive thoughts about food and exercise.
  • You want answers from women’s health experts so you feel better for your second half.


Through eight recorded classes + live weekly coaching calls including expert health guests, I will teach you the foundation of Pro-Aging Freedom. Through three one-to-one lifestyle coaching sessions, we’ll dive deeper into your individual skin, nutrition and movement needs; plus you will be able to access Clean Kiss products at a 15% discounted price to support your journey.

  • Teaching you how to take a different approach to nutrition (intuitive eating = food freedom)
  • Customizing a skin plan for you to address your unique midlife skin challenges
  • Teaching you how to best move your body (yoga + fitness tips)
  • Getting expert tips to help you get better sleep
  • Teaching you how to manage your hormones better, from a Menopause expert
  • Showing you real + simple techniques to manage your stress successfully
  • And so much more!
  • 8 Modules over 8 Weeks
  • Weekly Virtual Live Group Lesson
  • 1:1 Virtual Lifestyle Coaching (1hr Session Included)
  • Complete Workbook of Pro-Aging Education, Nutrition, Recipes, and more
  • Private Facebook Community Access
  • Expert Health Guests to share their pro-aging education, tips and advice
  • Access to materials, guest videos, articles for 1 year
  • Clean Kiss discount of 15% Off natural skincare products for 1 year
  • Radical Acceptance + A Pro-Aging Mindset: PRICELESS!

WEEK 1: Intro to Pro-Aging Mindset, Goals + Intention Setting

WEEK 2:  Body Positivity + Intuitive Eating

WEEK 3:  Intuitive Movement for Mental Health

WEEK 4:  Designing Your Pro-Aging Life

WEEK 5:  Choosing What Goes ON Your Pro-Aging Body

WEEK 6:  Balancing What Goes IN Your Pro-Aging Body

WEEK 7:  Treating Your Pro-Aging Face the Right Way

WEEK 8:  Sleep, Stress and Hormones in (Peri)Menopause


Hi, I’m Jodie Pappas and I am the Founder and Skincare formulator of Clean Kiss, a Family Natural Health Expert, Author of Your Family Health Organizer (2007, Robert Rose Publishing Inc.), Certified Organic Skincare Formulator, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), and Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner (CNAP). And I can’t wait to share all of my expertise and learning with you, along with my special health guests who will share their expert health tips also!

Here’s how it all started for me…I hit a turning point in my life over twenty years ago when I was struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that caused infertility. I was devastated to know my body was not healthy. I turned to natural health and food to help clean up my life, overcome PCOS and I am eternally grateful for the birth of not one, but three beautiful daughters (a singleton and later twins) who are now ages 20 and 17.

Through these medical struggles, I always sought for a natural solution. That’s what led me to choose and ultimately create my own line of natural, pro-aging skincare products for women in midlife called Clean Kiss. Clean Kiss’ mission is to help women “Find their 40”, which is all about feeling empowered and free in midlife to truly live their best life, with radical acceptance.

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If you have other questions not answered here feel free to email me.


You can either keep doing the same thing over and over: wasting time, money, and energy, not to mention risking your mental and physical health, or you can click below to take your first step to freedom.

Sign up for instant access to your first on-line module now! You will receive one new module each week for eight weeks, but don’t worry you will have access to all the materials for One Full Year! You will also be added to our Private Facebook Group right away to start to get to know your community of like-minded women.

Still not sure? You have nothing to lose. NO RISK, Money-Back Guarantee!

After taking the program, if you do not feel like a new woman ready to shout from the rooftops about your newfound sense of freedom, I will be happy to provide you with a full refund. That’s right. This is my NO RISK, Money Back Guarantee to you. You have nothing to lose.

p.s. I understand that I’m asking you to embrace a new approach to feeling good in your body and skin and that can feel risky. But that’s also what is exciting and I’m confident that this will be a transformative experience for you. I’m willing to take the risk that you’ll ask for a refund if you’re willing to take the risk to try something new. Deal?

If you’re still not sure if this program is right for you, I would love to answer your questions.

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In yoga we say, “the real magic happens when you want to come out of the pose”. The same is true in life. You need to get uncomfortable, to get comfortable. There is only one way and that is through it.