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Body Spray - Lavender Vanilla "Sensual Lavender Kisses" Body Spray 118ml

NEW! Now in an eco-friendly glass bottle for pure elegance.

No more heavy perfumes and unnatural fragrances that cause hormonal disruption, headaches, and other ailments.  Now we have a simple and clean way to smell great and apply light moisture without heavy lotion. This is your simple solution for at home or on the go to throw in your handbag for a quick freshening up.

This body spray is a heavenly and sweet scented, light moisturizing body spray infused with french lavender and a hint of vanilla and rose.



Use it with your favourite lavender or vanilla body butter and natural deodorant or simply spray it all over in place of body moisturizer.



Distilled water, vegetable glycerin, rose hydrosol, cocos nucifera (coconut oil), natural preservative, essential oils of lavender and benzoin.