Set - Athlete's Skincare Pampering Gift Set

For the Athlete who pushes their body hard and needs some pampering to soothe their hard working and often sweat soaked skin.  

Best Value!  


This Athlete's Pampering Gift Set has five essentials for body and face:

  • Lemongrass Bergamot Body Butter  (Kiss That Hottie scent) – 240mls ($22)
  • Lemongrass Bergamot Natural Deodorant (Kiss That Hottie scent) – 60mls ($15)
  • Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil - 118mls ($24)
  • Youthful Kisses Daycream - 118mls ($52)
  • Vanilla Mint Lipbalm - 5g ($5)

 (valued at $120 with gift wrapping)

*Gift wrapping is included. May vary from image shown.

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