8 Things to Do Right Now for Your Best 40s Skin
Oct 25, 2020

8 Things to Do Right Now for Your Best 40s Skin

The skin is the mirror to your inner health. As women in our forties we start to worry a lot about our appearance and our aging progress. For many this is the first time you start to see wrinkles, grey hairs, bodily changes due to hormones and gravity, and due to our lives becoming often more sedentary.

The skin is your largest organ yet we don’t always treat it with the care it needs nor do we stop to think about the ways to get great skin that are within your control. I’m talking about lifestyle factors, not genetics. While genetics do play a role in skin health and appearance, it is often more about your overall health and possibly underlying medical issues that may be causing your skin to look unwell such as dehydration, stagnant lymph, hormonal imbalances, and more.

A note about genetics and skin. There is research that shows a set of identical twins who have aged incredibly differently with one looking at least a decade or more older. Clearly their lifestyles and own individual health profiles have contributed to the health of their skin.

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