"Show Me A Woman Who Isn't Overwhelmed"

Woman Juggling Career and Family


While recently watching my favourite binge-watching pastime, The Good Wife, I had to write down this quote from one episode in which Gloria Steinem, famed as a feminist icon, told Alicia Florrick "show me a woman who isn't overwhelmed" in her urging Alicia to run for office after Alicia remarked that she wasn't sure she could take on the role and still be able to balance her family, legal career, business, and her personal values.


Ok ladies, seriously isn't this what we all face each and every day in some form. Whether it be paid employment outside the home, a home business you're trying to launch, or a full-time stay at home career of motherhood, we all feel overwhelmed most of the time trying to fit it all into our lives without guilt or shame that we aren't living up to someone's expectations of us.


I worked last weekend on Saturday at a local show of Canadian Artisans and felt so excited on Sunday knowing it was a day to chill out. I decided to start my day by cleaning out my closet for my fall wardrobe followed by a hot yoga class at my fave yoga studio. Then thought I would pop into my local organic shop to buy some groceries. Well then I had to make only two more quick stops which turned into three. It's now 3pm and I am just returning home with full armloads of groceries and a messy house that needs floors vacuumed and laundry done before the next week ahead.  Wait....what happened to my leisurely Sunday?  And so it goes. And I bet it sounds familiar.


I worry that we have glorified being "busy" and as women we try to compete for who is the busiest of all. What I've learned is that it is all relative and very personal in terms of our thresholds for stress and managing the feeling of being overwhelmed.  When your girlfriend says to you that she feels she is so busy and overwhelmed and stressed, just listen and ask questions to try to help rather than sharing how busy you are yourself. Ask her "How can I help?" instead of turning it onto yourself. 


So thank you Gloria for reminding us that we all have shit, we all feel overwhelmed, and that life does go on. We need to practice self-care through meditation and yoga, healthy balanced meals, using personal care products that promote health, not hinder it, and getting enough sleep (7-9 hours is recommended) to promote well-being. 


"Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age."

-Gloria Steinem



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