Forget What You Think You Know About Female Health

Recently I attended an incredible health event for women, hosted by Jenn Pike, Hormone Expert, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist and so much more. I have been following along with hundreds of other women who learn from Jenn about health and wellness on the daily and quite frankly, I learn pretty cool things from Jenn about my own body. And as I heard her say on her podcast about Cycles and Fertility, most women do not really understand how their own cycle works. I know that I certainly did not back in the days twenty years ago when I was so desperately trying to conceive and was fighting against Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which led to infertility, acne, and a general feeling of being unwell and tired.  I really needed Jenn in my life back then! 


As a woman, mother to three teenage daughters, an avid galloping gourmet for my family, and Family Natural Health Expert I wanted to share these insights from the day with other like-minded, health impassioned women. To be completely transparent though, it was my good friend who suggested I blog about it to share with more women. Brilliant idea! Sharing is good. 


Here are my top take-aways that I believe all women need to know and understand in order to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. I sincerely hope I don't dishonour any of the information by misquoting or misrepresenting.  In fact, if I do please someone correct me so that all this great information gets across to all women accurately!


Epigenetics, excuse me?! This is big. 

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND taught us that we were born with certain genes that dictate who we are and what we are predisposed to an intracellular level. However, you have the control and power over how those genes manifest in your lifestyle through your attitude, your purpose, your passion, and the interests you choose to create your own health adventure at an extracellular level. You can choose your own genetic outcome. Fascinating. This is also perfectly synergistic with my teachings to consumers on choosing healthy options such as natural skincare that is free of chemicals. I figure you have nothing to lose by choosing healthier skincare options, even if just for your peace of mind. That is worth something!


Recovery Matters.  

From Sylvie Tetrault, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Sports Recovery Expert I learned so much! I consider myself to be an athlete, ok maybe not an Olympian or an Ironman competitor, but I am a yogini, cyclist and do strength training. I advocate for women to move their bodies in some way or form, every single day, even if just a walk around the block. I don't keep fit to compete against anyone else, but rather to be a better me as I fight a body that is going through the aging process and perimenopause. Ugh. Sylvie taught us that sports recovery has everything to do with proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, and living a life of awareness and balance.  We need to honour our body and treat rest and recovery seriously if we expect our bodies to perform at its optimal level. 


Your DNA is not your Destiny. 

Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Functional Nutrition/Medicine spoke about how we can influence our genes and change our genetic expression through positive and negative influences in our life. Positives choices we can make everyday are in the food we eat and choosing to stay active to live a long, healthy life (as seen in The Blue Zones research which if you aren't familiar with you need to be!). Negative choices that alter our genes come in the form of exposure to harmful toxins (such as in chemical-filled personal care products instead of naturally derived) and stress as the biggest culprits. The biggest AHA! moment I had listening to Josh was about the genes of bees and how the Queen Bee has the same genes as the others, but is given magical powers to be Queen. Apparently, your DNA is not your destiny.  You do have the power within you to be the Queen after all! 


Want resilient kids? Look at what they eat and how they move.

Joy McCarthy, from the Joyous Cooking Cookbook Series, shared with us how to help kids build resiliency and not surprisingly all roads pointed back to nutrition and movement as the primary ways to help our children to be healthier versions of themselves and to be more resilient as they develop into adulthood. As a mom, I couldn't agree more with Joy. However, getting teenagers to want to eat healthy (when out with friends and not under my watchful eye) is an on-going challenge. Maybe this can be your next topic to tackle for us, Joy? BTW Joy is an absolute joy to listen to and to be around. I'm a huge fan. 


Women need to learn more about their bodies.  

Jenn Pike, host of the event, shared about the increased incidence of thyroid and hormonal disorders and disruption she is seeing at an increasingly alarming rate in her patients (1 in 2 is her estimate), in her work as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The Simplicity Project. As she also discusses in her podcast on Cycles and Fertility, women are started to be more educated about their bodies but we still have a long way to go. I know I do and I read and listen to experts like Jenn on a daily basis, but still feel I have so much more to learn.  


I am so grateful to have access to these incredible health experts all based right here in the Toronto area. I am also grateful that all of these experts spend their life's work helping women to be better tomorrow than they are today.  


To sum up my thoughts I am sharing the best quote from the day that will stick with me forever.  From Josh Gitalis, "The cook of the family is the doctor of the family." I have always fancied myself the doctor of the family anyway, so Josh I appreciate the recognition, finally. I wrote that shit down. Thank you Josh.


And thank you to Jenn and the team behind the fantastic day. I am already looking forward to next year! Ladies reading this blog, if you don't already follow @jennpike, @joyoushealth @meghanwalker , @joshgitalis, @sylvietetrault you are really missing out on these amazing experts and their advise at your fingertips. 



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