Swimming As a Mental Health Antidote

When you think of swimming, it’s often an activity associated with children or seniors; visions of water-slides and canon balls or lane dividers and flutter boards come to mind. But no matter how busy life gets, we must never forget that swimming is a viable pastime for all ages, mothers, students, and CEO’s alike.  

Swimming is not just a form of resistance-free exercise either.  Studies show that swimming can also improve your mental health.  Here are the three reasons why:

  1. University of Western Australia School of Sport Science is finding a connection between warm water immersion and increased blood flow.  By increasing your blood flow, your improving your brain function!  You can read more about that here 
  2. Swimming is proven to promote the growth of new brain cells in a part of the brain that atrophies under chronic stress, which replaces the purpose of several mental health medications.  
  3. In many ways, swimming parallels the benefits of yoga.  The resistance-free environment is more forgiving on your muscles and joints.  Plus, swimming requires a good stretch and a consistent breathing pattern that mirrors the effects of meditation.  

Living an authentically wholesome life takes some time to adjust to, given that there are countless ‘quick fixes’ provided to us everywhere we go.  It’s easy to be tempted into a wallet-busting scheme.  But when you really look around, you’ll find that there are so many natural ways to live a healthy life.

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