Healthy Living. An obsession or a quest for the holy grail?

I obsess over my health, almost to a fault. I spend inordinate amounts of time wondering which essential oil I can use to solve a skin issue (hence the inception of Clean Kiss Organics), or what healthy recipe I can try next for my family, or if matcha green tea is better for me than organic white tea. Really I do. And there is a growing trend that shows it isn't just me.


My 12 year old daughter burnt her hand last week taking cookies out of the oven and quickly ran to me and said "Mom, where is the lavender oil? I burnt my hand." I gotta tell you that I just love that. Or when my 15 year old has a stomach ache, she knows to rub the licorice-based essential oil blend for digestive upset to get quick relief of her pains.


Aside from the amazing benefits of using natural remedies such as essential oils, I am a huge believer in natural medicine which looks at the source of the issue or ailment, rather than placing a band-aid solution, as is often the case in traditional medicine. I appreciate that my Naturopathic Doctor takes the time to understand my full medical history including my diet, sleep patterns, stress levels, and so on, before making a judgement or planning how to resolve it. I grew up with a doctor always writing me a prescription quickly to get me out of his/her office without fully understanding the root causes which is why when I had fertility issues as an adult, I turned to natural medicine as my solution and followed a natural protocol alongside fertility assistance for my PCOS. Low and behold I conceived a singleton and twins! Three beautiful daughters later I am definitely a believer in the natural offerings of the world.


This really was the turning point for me but my awareness and appreciation for all things natural, organic and healthy has been growing steadily for the past 15+ years. As a teenager my sister's teased me about being a "granola eater". I am proud to say that I actually make my own healthy, organic granola now and it is darn good. Toot toot.


At the end of the day, I don't know if all of the measures I take will prevent disease one day or if I am missing out on any fun in life by always trying to make healthy choices. I do recognize that life is meant to be fun, and lived in a way that you don't deprive yourself of joy. I would like to think I enjoy a life of balance and moderation where I can be crazy and wild (and actually eat a dessert with dairy and gluten on occasion!) but also then very strict and disciplined to be on the clean and healthy path most of the time.


I can only hope that my blog readers enjoy the tidbits of health, beauty and food that I share each week and take whatever away from it that suits your lifestyle, and doesn't make you obsess or be over the top. 


Simple. Clean. Passion. 









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hlfavihmbe March 23, 2021

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