Why I Created a Natural Beauty Line

Clean Kiss Organics

I love to cook and I love to eat. I mean really love. Obsessively. I also love to eat extremely clean as a rule and those that know me or read my blogs know this little detail about my obsessive eating tendencies (I do splurge on occasion for sweet potato fries, froyo and anything peanut butter and chocolate!).  All of these habits of mine are derived from one place: my mission to live a long and healthy life and be here for my kids. 


This little eating fetish of mine is what led to the creation of my own natural beauty line. When you love to cook like I do, every meal in a restaurant goes something like this "I can totally create this myself" or "I can so totally make this even better and healthier at home myself" or "Wait is that thyme you taste or sage?".


The same thing happened to me with my high maintenance beauty routine. Once I started to become educated on the harmful ingredients in many mainstream cosmetics, even the ones that are "greenwashing" us into believing they are safe, I quickly wanted to try to make my own healthier, natural version of the product myself. However it really took the fun out of going to my local Shoppers Drug Mart when every aisle I walk down I now say "I can totally make that myself in a healthier, better version". Oh boy. 


Simple. Clean. Passion. That's my motto, my raison d'etre in all areas of my life and also the "Why" of Clean Kiss Organics. I wanted to use natural products myself that I can feel good about putting on my skin and face, with ingredients I can actually pronounce and recognize. And most importantly, products that I would be okay with my daughters using and knowing they weren't applying harmful chemicals to their skin and bodies. Sadly, it seems each week lately I am finding out about a new friend or loved one that is suffering from a cancer diagnosis or other serious life-altering illness and it is quite frankly scaring me. 


We make Clean Kiss Organics products in small batches and with handmade quality and artisan crafts-womanship. We strive to make our natural products affordable so that everybody can find luxurious, natural alternatives that won't break the bank or seem out of reach.  



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